Sleeping dogs Definitive edition PS4 shows alot of improvements

"In the next week or so, you will get to play an improved version of Square Enix’s acclaimed open world action adventure title on the latest generation of consoles as well as PC. If you are looking forward to buy Sleeping Dogs PS4 version, you better check out this new video so that you know what you are dealing with" writes Segmentnext

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Rainbowcookie1411d ago

No hablo Frenchie :) Hard to tell from youtube how the games gotten better. I guess if you haven't played the past ones and the price is right then have a look. Don't want to say it but would have loved 60 fps.

Game0N1410d ago

I'll be playing this tomorrow at a square Enix event

darkvenom1410d ago

Loved it on the ps3, definitely getting it for the ps4.

hkgamer1410d ago

i think they should have put more effort on 60fps in this game. or aimed for it anyway. played original on ps3 and it suffered from framerate problems every so often.

BranWheatKillah1410d ago

I enjoyed this a lot more than any GTA. Unfortunately, unless it has a significant amount of new content and a lower price I don't see myself ever picking it up.

Pianist1410d ago

It was the other way around for me. I started this game right after I beat The Ballad of Gay Tony. After immensely enjoying TBoGT, I couldn't finish this game because, to me, it lacked in comparison.

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The story is too old to be commented.