Will The Evil Within will run at 30fps on PC?

The Evil Within was announced a long time ago, but there is always a question towards publisher Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks is that the PC version will be locked at what frame rate? Well, now it seems like we got the answer. This question, which is usually avoided, ignored or didn't get looked at is now answered. Jason Bergman, who is the Senior Producer of Bethesda once in July was asked that the game is locked at 30fps or not? Bergman simply just said to ask him closer to launch. Now then again just a month ago when he was asked if this game is locked at 30fps or not? He said ”He didn’t understand the question” and said ”let’s the specs, release” and also said to stay tuned and then he just declined to answer more questions. We didn’t hear anything about The Evil within framerate again.

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DarkOcelet1384d ago

I hope it runs 60fps just like Dead Space , it felt way too smooth than the consoles and it played better but either way . Still day 1 .

tee_bag2421383d ago

Every other games runs at 60fps so I don't see why it wouldn't..unless you own a anciet graphics card

Feralkitsune1383d ago

WTF is this title? How did this get approved? Can no one on this site read?