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It’s been a long road for Sony’s newest racer. Is it a smooth ride or fraught with engine trouble?

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MRMagoo1231237d ago

Getting a lot of decent reviews now nice :)

G20WLY1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

It's always telling when the lowest scoring reviews are first to be submitted, like some desperate attempt to damage a game/systems reputation.

Honestly, no one's going to care, because we'll all play it for free and then decide whether to buy it!

SniperControl1237d ago

Well said dude, the last 3 DC reviews posted are 8+.

MysticStrummer1237d ago

"Honestly, no one's going to care, because we'll all play it for free and then decide whether to buy it!"

Exactly. This is why I thought "concern" over the review embargo was silly. People will have free access to enough of the game to make up their own minds. I think DC will end up selling well over time. I've seen enough on Twitch to know I'm buying a PS4 to play DC. The graphics are beautiful, the sound is great, the handling appears to be sim/arcade hybrid as expected, and the AI appears to be challenging. That's all I need to know.

uth111237d ago


Yeah, unlike other new IPs, with Driveclub you know EXACTLY what to expect. For me the only thing that could wreck it for me is if the handling makes it unplayable.

badz1491237d ago

I've played the PS+ version and I think it's a solid racer. handling is tight, AI is more or less like Gran Turismo and it's drop dead gorgeous! I'm upgrading to the full version for $40. seems like a great deal.

I don't know what the Gamespot guy was playing but as a racer, there is no way in hell this is a 5/10! WTF else does he wants from a racer?

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Blaze9291237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

where is the free ps+ version? I can't find it in the store can someone help


Thanks @Utalkin2me

Utalkin2me1237d ago

It will be in the store when the store updates later this evening.

Good-Smurf1237d ago

As soon as your PS store updated itself.
Mine is now downloading even though it can take long time for me.

Jughead34161237d ago

From what I've played so far, this score is a lot more appropriate. I think the whole review system is broken though. I've counted 8 scores between 8 and 9/10. But then you see 5/10, 2.5/5, 6/10. To actual gamers, reviews are becoming much more unreliable. I say, form your own opinions if you can. Everyone has a good idea of what they like

Forn1237d ago

It's also easier to form your own opinion when there's an option available for free that give a you a fifth of the content of the game, just saying.

Rodney251237d ago

GT is one of my favorite sites, and it seems they're reviews are on the mark. Unlike that site which gave this game a 3.9 that's just absurd. I've seen some 9's too, so I really think I'll buy this. I've never been a racing fan but then again I never played one online, (weird I know) so DC will most likely be my first.

Magicite1237d ago

I actually like Gametrailer reviews, they are pleasant to watch and I, myself, quite often agree with their scores.

Foehammer1237d ago

agree, but why didn't you like them when they gave FH2 an 8.8?

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Ben Dover1237d ago

Seems Gamespot is in a strong minority. Driveclub appears to be a solid racer, sticking around a 7.5 / 8 which is good for a new IP. I'm still gonna play the trial edition before deciding to buy it or not, just blows my Logitech G25 isn't compatible! QQ

JackVagina1237d ago

after reading that gamespot review its pretty obvious hes just crap at the game

Good-Smurf1237d ago

I watched the video review and it sounded like he simply complaining and comparing that's about it no real review there.
Kevin is about as bad as a reviewer as Tom Mcshea these two are just going for click bait reviews.

Gamer19821237d ago

Seems reviewers are only down rating this game because of lack of cars but lets be honest here Sony didn't and still don't know if this game will be a hit so they don't want to pay massive fees for licenses until they know its going to be a hit. Also making 100's of cars look as good as they do on this game which is officially the best looking driving game on consoles now takes time. Forza can go back on previous games and pull older car models and up resolutions etc.. to save a lot of time whereas they had to start fresh here. A sequel will mean a lot more cars no doubt if this game sells well. Also who says Sony can't have 2 1st party racers?? There's a ton of space for them I mean MS has 2 first party shooters and does pretty damn well.

What really winds me up is the fact reviewers are killing this game for cars list when they clearly leave games like NFS alone who don't have hundreds of cars either.. But reviewers still just cannot help but compare this game to Forza and GT rather than its own game.

equal_youth1237d ago

you forgot a word, "free" as in "freeDLC"

uth111237d ago

The number of cars in this game will double with free and paid DLC cars released monthly

Immorals1237d ago

"Forza can go back on previous games and pull older car models and up resolutions etc.. to save a lot of time"

Just FYI all the cars in fh2/f5 were redone just for the new generation.. So no.

pastysmash1237d ago

Forza Horizon 2 got an 8.8 from them.

darren_poolies1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Edit: Replied to the wrong post

alb18991237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Drive club Metacritics reviewers 74 users 64
Forza Horizon 2 reviewers 86 users 84

Enough said.

SniperControl1237d ago

Only trolls seem to comparing to different games to one another.

alb18991237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

But Sony's fans said it is a FH2 killer!
So it seems that metacritic or anyone who shows bad scores is wrong.......and I am a fan boy?
If I ha two bubbles is because I write somethimes things you don't want to read....but I do it anyway beacouse is do WTF I wanna do!!

Utalkin2me1237d ago

Scores mean nothing to this game, considering all PS+ members get to play it for free. And people get to decide for themselves.

SniperControl1237d ago


No Sony fans said "Forza Killer" that was VG24/7, Evo used the quote on the video, alot of PS fans actually disagreed with Evo using it.

You have two bubbles because you write stuff like above which can be interpreted as trolling.

uth111237d ago

That was VG247, and they never said Horizon. Pretty sure they meant Forza 5. FH2 is a different type of driving game and doesn't compare 1:1 with this type.

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Omran1237d ago

Enough said what enough said of fanboyism ?

Xsilver1237d ago

One you might wanna add up the reviews that's why you don't compare Metacritic scores.
Two U might wanna read those User Scores before you post it half of them never even played the game just trolls the fact that you their score is just sad then again i expect someone with two bubbles to do that.

gameslayer24111237d ago

User reviews are crap, go to the user reviews of drive club there are 3-4 ZERO scores all sporting word for word the same copy paste answer under different user names. So if you pull your higher scores from user reviews and call them valid you are delusional.

lategamer1237d ago

So other fanboys annoyed you, now your being the fanboy?

It's time to grow up. These console/video game wars are idiotic. Buy the game you'll enjoy. Fuck.


^^^ This is what you, and other idiots sound like.

darren_poolies1237d ago

They are very different racers, sick of people comparing them to get some sort of kick out of it.

"My game is better than your game hurr dur"

Who gives a flying f*ck seriously? Get over yourself.

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