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Millenium writes : "While DriveClub is not a complete failure, as the first new generation title of Evolution, it is a big disappointment:"

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falviousuk1384d ago

Driveclub, game of the year, or so at least one trashy website called it before all these reviews started to hit. Oh the irony

PCGamingNoobs1384d ago

Why does it explain the embargo? i could understand but what about the free version that EVERYONE gets to try. Its one game that reviews are pretty pointless because most people can make up there own mind for a change without spending a penny.

annoyedgamer1384d ago

Games that are ancipated to be mediocre (or atrocious in the case of EA) get late embargos. Ubisoft, EA and Activision do this all the time.

Sm00thNinja1384d ago

Ooohh if the world worked the way it does in your head

Business is business they'll make more money if gamers aren't cancelling preorders

user3672721384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Last 4 big releases. destiny and Driveclub both had embargos until after released.

While Forza Horizon 2 and Shadow of Mordor lifted their embargos about a week before released.
I'll let you figure that one out pertaining to why the later 2 scores so great while DC and Destiny kind of Flopped with critics. The old saying, if you don't have anything to hide...then show it, comes to mind.

Utalkin2me1384d ago


if there was something to hide, then there wouldn't be a free version for Ps+ members. Cause majority of people are going to try it for free first before buying.

user3672721384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )


The free version came out the same day as the regular is not like a demo that came out a couple weeks in advance like what MS did with Forza Horizon 2.

The people that had their mind set on the game and already prepurchased the full version and predownloaded the $60 digital version are what the embargo is basically targeting. Sony got their money already from those customers just like how Activision and Bungie got that record sale launch for their game.

u4one1384d ago

To my knowledge, studios get mock reviews of their titles when they are close to completion. This is a sort of professional "user testing" for them that allows them to guage where they are going to end up. If there are less then optimal findings in those mock reviews they can issue an embargo while they address some of the glaring issues. Those issues could be technical or gameplay related. Usually an embargo is not a good sign - though not always a harbinger of failure.

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Rogert1384d ago

wow I can't believe people are disagreeing with you.

Imalwaysright1384d ago

He only put 1 " < ". He should have used atleast 5. That's why he is getting disagrees.

badz1491384d ago

because he's a TROLL and what he's trying to say is DriveClub doesn't have the gameplay, just graphics, which is an obvious sign of a TROLL because as far as gameplay is concerned, DC nails it!

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