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How to summarize in a few words DRIVECLUB? Beautiful, powerful, enjoyable, addictive, fun, crazy ... Everything was done to meet the drivers in every way. And because if you're the loner, nothing requires you to go on the Web for fun. On the contrary, if you like the company, everything has been designed to take full advantage of this production with a group of friends.

DRIVECLUB does not revolutionize the genre, but manages to charm different types of players without much difficulty. Between simulation and arcade, everyone is benefiting. Only regret during an event, artificial intelligence striker, at times, some strong moments. Finally, and overall, Evolution Studios has taken its time and the result is stunning ensuing. With its graphics pulling our retinas, its explosive sound effects, its unique atmosphere, hard to miss this new gaming structure.

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G20WLY1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

It seems some are able to see past the lack of launch content (compared to SOME racers) and review the game with the already announced free updates in mind.

Good for them. Gonna play the shiz outta this tonight!

MRMagoo1231444d ago

Another great review :) can't wait to play this !

nX1444d ago

I think it's pretty close to a 9/10 without future updates already, it's more fun than some low scoring reviews suggest and the updates will only cement the 9/10. It will never be a 10/10 though.

testerg351444d ago

How can you not review based on what the game is now? Why would you review it based on future promises?

Dissidia1444d ago

Perhaps because it will be quite a different experience with more cars, a photo mode and a dynamic weather system. And that shouldn't be ignored when scoring

uth111444d ago

It's a tough call because it's not like the game gets re-reviewed once the content is released. But the metacritic score lives forever.

This is part of what hurts Destiny too

ABizzel11444d ago

Like Dissidia said, none of the free DLC content changes the game it simply adds more which is one of the big complaints people had about the game.

Knowing that photo mode, weather, more tracks, and cars are all coming for free should be taken into considering especially when most of said content is going to be released by years end (which is within 2 months), and has already been mapped out with a release schedule.

Should this move scores from a 7 range up to 9, absolutely not, but they should be taken into consideration knowing that we know exactly what's coming, have seen it first hand numerous times, and many of these reviewers have already got to experience it.

testerg351444d ago

ABizzel1, but you don't know for sure the free content/features will come out on schedule. What if it takes 6months because of unforeseen issues?

I don't believe future promises should be taken into consideration in reviews.

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marlinfan101444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

so let me get this straight. after a year delay, these sites are supposed to look past the missing content and keep future updates in mind that we can't play upon release? lol...


im not saying anything bad about the game, I'm just going off the guys logic that i replied too. i still havnt played it yet, will be trying it out tonight.

G20WLY1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

They have released full details, months ago, and screenshots/videos/gifs of the features that are coming for FREE in the next couple of months.

These are not promises. It's happening. And each of these new elements are way more sophisticated than versions that have come before. Why not acknowledge this?

In short, yes.

marlinfan101444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

"screenshots/videos/gifs of the features that are coming for FREE in the next couple of months. "

so now these sites should be reviewing off videos and screenshots? they should be reviewing based off whats being put into peoples hand TODAY since thats what we'll be playing. not stuff thats coming weeks/months down the line. how can you review something that you havnt tried and isn't even released? that literally makes no sense. then again, look at what site I'm on, no surprise theres people are agreeing with this logic

keep in mind, it was delayed for a full YEAR, and people still think they should be lenient on missing content.

smash10311444d ago

Well then update the review when this future content is actually here. No matter how you spin it this game seems average at best. Have fun.

OB1Biker1444d ago

Absolutely. I wouldnt buy racer games anyway (limited budget) so very excited for this one with PS+

3-4-51444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

* You review it on what it might be??

Remember Watch Dogs & Destiny ??

Those were supposed to be awesome......they aren't.

AC3 was supposed to be awesome.....It wasn't.

* If it's missing features.....THEN have some integrity and dock it points for that.

* RE-Review the "final build" later but don't be delusional and act like it "will be better"...

You Don't Know that it will be.....Your just assuming it will be.

That is ignorant.

This game looks solid, but some people are refusing to point out obvious flaws in the game, to make up for those who have 5/10 click bait reviews.

* If it's a 7.2/10 now, but has potential to be 8.5/10 in the future....THEN STATE THAT!

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So good reviews, some ok reviews. I didn't think it would score as high as FH2, but PS fans are glad to get a Exclusive Racer finally! Hopefully we will see GT7 next year.

Bossmon1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

must be a sony site cause the gameplay is bad considering 4 different review sites said the same thing...

GarrusVakarian1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Lmao. I could link you to more than 4 different gameplay impressions from people on GAF that say the handling is fantastic. In fact, I will:

And that's from like...30 seconds scrolling through the Driveclub thread, but yeah, gameplay is bad because a handful of reviewers said so. Lol. Just because a game has aggressive AI and controls that require a decent amount of skill, that does not make the gameplay "bad".

equal_youth1444d ago

exactly my thoughts. i can't understand most of the whiny reviews that are coming out. i played the game over the weekend and all i can say its freaking amazing. from the sense of speed to the AI and nearly everything else it just nails it and delivers even in the racing genre something fresh.

Scar-1444d ago

There is no real gaming journalism anymore most of the morons reviewing these games aren't even hardcore gamers so when the game beats there asses its a bad game lol.

nX1444d ago

Well there always wassome kind of secret agenda against Sony exclusives, that goes way back to the early PS3 days when Warhawk or Resistance:FoM were bashed to death. It's like some people couldn't enjoy a PS-exclusive even if they enjoyed :D
I for one enjoy Driveclub and I will play it until GT7 arrives :)

NiteX1444d ago

This game has some crazy scores just like Alien Isolation.

Allsystemgamer1444d ago

Alien is excellent. Started playing last night. Then looked at my clock and realized I had class in 4 hours...oops

boodi1444d ago

if you give the time to read this review you can see ( from the first page ) it is a paid one .
not speaking the game , just the review.

Omran1444d ago

Yeah sony paid 700000 to get high review lol

boodi1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

bro read the review . ok?
then we speak about it .

lol @ 20 disagreeing without actually reading what they're disagreeing about .. I don't know how it feels ..should feel good (?)

boodi1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

"With its graphics pulling our retinas, its explosive sound effects, its unique atmosphere, hard to miss this new gaming structure"

this sounds advertising to me . to you is legit ? no prob whatsoever .. you should know there's more then a bit of sponsoring for both xb1 and ps4 , and biased sites/reviewers.

that's how things go ..
case closed , now put back your blinders , read numbers and not reviews , and keep happy .

Omran1444d ago

Yeah I'am happy because you are mad

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