PS Nation - Review: DRIVECLUB (PS4)

PS4 owners have waited a while for a good racing game. Luckily, that wait is over.

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FsterThnFTL1411d ago

Playstation Nation, yup definitely legit review.

MRMagoo1231411d ago

Yeh because why would you get a playstation gaming site to review a playstation game , it's obvious it should have been xboxnation that did the review /s

aviator1891411d ago

I think you missed the op's point.
But I won't get into this.

MRMagoo1231411d ago

No I could see he was trolling I got that point perfectly.

Death1411d ago

Obviously any site with Playstation in the name is going to be biased. The good news is most Playstation fans are a little biased too. Chances are many will agree more with the reviews by these sites. Think of these as reviews for the fans by the fans.

Same holds true for Nintendo and Microsoft sites and the fans.

Veneno1411d ago

Careful. Where there's salt, there's trolls!

3-4-51411d ago

Well to be honest... a site called Nintedolife gave a Nintendo game a bad review earlier this year.

It CAN happen, but yea. Just mix this review with like 10 others to get a better perspective.

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CloudRap1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Horizon 2 is miles better, and the reviews are showing it so far.

NickRoos1411d ago

couldn't agree more... DRIVECLUB is not bad butmost definitely not a 9.

CloudRap1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

The game simply outclasses it in every department besides visuals, although to be fair this is a new franchise so we cant expect too much.

low class? ok lol
you know its true, just stop denying had this game been on xb1 instead you gys would have bashed it to no end.

bouzebbal1411d ago

so? am i gonna buy a low class console to play your game? still not! reviews means nothing. could be better, could be worse, but for sure it's not the same type of game.

NickRoos1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


UbiquitousClam1411d ago

PS Nation - 9/10
PS Now - 8.5/10
PSU - 9.5/10

About says it all really...

MRMagoo1231411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Yup it's a good game

Game trailers 8.5

Gamergen 9

UbiquitousClam1411d ago

I wasn't referring the the games quality.(we all know exactly what this game is even though some will never admit it.)

I was referring to these sites and there utter transparency with there scores.

GodGinrai1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


hardcore gamer= 2/5


gameblog= 3/5

IGN= 7.9

Gamespot= 5/10

Yup...its an average game.


I am pretty sure Magoo knew what you meant.Defense mode is activated. Its going to be a long and VERY sensitive day on N4G.


We are simply pointing out the glaringly obvious difference between PS site scores for this game and pretty much everybody elses. You dont get to call that trolling just because you dont like what you hear.

I find it funny that you would tell us to go "troll elsewhere...where was that kind of talk when bazinga, secret monkey, dimitri and PS4fanboy where in every forza thread antagonizing Forza fans...rubbing DC graphics in their face..inspite of the fact that DC was getting perfect scores.where was your "no trolling" stance then?

MRMagoo1231411d ago

Wtf are you guys talking about ? It's getting great reviews and contrary to fantard belief most aren't Sony sites. Go troll elsewhere.

WeAreLegion1411d ago

So many people who have no interest in the game commenting on these reviews. Just like the Forza reviews. What's wrong with you people?

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