Amiibo Release Date & Six New Amiibo Figures Announced

Nintendo have announced that their amiibo range will be available in the EU from the 28th November 2014.

There will also be six new amiibo characters available from December 19th: Diddy Kong, Little Mac, Pit, Zelda, Captain Falcon and Luigi.

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RyanDJ1296d ago

Aww...I know it's a move in SSB, but I'd have preferred a different pose for Luigi. Too bad these guys aren't articulated at all.

randomass1711296d ago

Isn't that one of his Brawl taunts? :O

LightDiego1296d ago

Eighteen amiibos already. Would be great if Nintendo releases characters like Sonic, Pac-Man and Mega-Man too, but not sure if they can do that.

aerisbueller1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Zelda lookin' fly as usual.

Moonman1296d ago

Little Mac, gotta have!

Nodoze1296d ago

Would be great if Nintendo told us how these will be used! I find the lack of information this close to launch a bit troubling. All of the functionality should be defined already.

swice1295d ago

Doing a Google search will make all of your issues go away

Nodoze1294d ago

Really? I could not find any info on how these will be used cross game. Not a single bit of news on how Amiibo will be used in mariokart, mario party, or toad.

I am seeing info that states when you do attempt to use them with another title outside of smash it would need to ERASE the stats and align to the new title.

Doesn't sound well thought out to me.