DriveClub Review – Staying on Track (PSLS)

PlayStation LifeStyle: As the video game industry moves forward, we have been seeing certain genres use various combinations of elements to keep their titles’ gameplay feeling fresh and evolved. But, as certain titles condense various aspects into their product, the fundamental draws that might have brought you to that specific genre can become lost if not all of the ideas complement each other.

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knifefight1385d ago

Once the masses get into playing the game I believe the development team will likely patch in any tweaks or fixes in order to balance out the game better or fix bugs/glitches that may have been missed or unforeseen in development. At least I hope. (Not a fan of waiting for stuff like that though.)

anemraz1385d ago

PS Plus version first :)

Foolsjoker1384d ago

Definitely recommend going with the PS Plus version first.