IGN: Driveclub Review

Fast, beautiful, and accessible, but a more modest, conventional arcade racer than its sprawling, open-world peers.

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Septic1382d ago

I'm not surprised about the scores at all to be honest. But was the comparison with FH2 necessary IGN? Yes. Yes it was once Evolution lumped in that 'Forza-killer' quote from VG24/7. I think its safe to say that DC hasn't killed its peers off.

MrSwankSinatra1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I think they meant Forza Motorsport, not Forza Horizon.

@98xpresent true, but when you think about it why would you compare a track based racer to that of a sem-open world racer? Just doesn't make sense.

radler1382d ago

Look who wrote the review. Luke Reilly is an unashamed Forza fanboy, and would gush obsessively about the franchise even if served a steaming turd on a plate.

That's not to say I disagree with the review however, I think DriveClub is average at best and the graphical downgrade over the past year has been disappointing. I just don't consider Luke Reilly the most trustworthy of reviewers, either.

98xpresent1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Forza M5 still gotta higher score tho.

ABizzel11382d ago

These reviews are all over the place, and seriously contradicting one another.

Some are saying it's too hard (those who said it, are referring to casuals in many cases, which makes no sense to me), some are saying it's too easy.

Some are saying the game looks bad, almost everyone says it looks amazing.

Some are complaining about it not being 60fps, some love the sense of speed.

Scores range from 5 - 9.

Do yourself a favor and try the PS+ version, before going to the store and picking up your pre-order.

MrSwankSinatra1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

@Abizzle I already own driveclub, got it two days early. It's a good game, not a overly amazing game, but a good game.

Stsonic1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

From the guys that gave Alien Isolation a 5.9 so probably a 10 then, who knows anymore.. Reviews are becoming more and more mixed, I think the numbers should leave all together so ppl can do there own research.

1382d ago
Azzanation1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Drive Club has a better chance of killing Horizon then it does with Motorsport. What's even worse is Driveclubs best review is from PlayStation Universe with a 95/100.. the only review that's over a 9. Sony are really trying to sell this game.

VealParmHero1382d ago

@MRSwankSinatra..I quote.."but when you think about it why would you compare a track based racer to that of a sem-open world racer? Just doesn't make sense".

Ok yes, that is ture, FH2 and DC are diff types of racers. What they do have in similar, perhaps more importantly, is that they are the premier exclusive racing titles for two consoles who are in the midst of one of the most publicized console wars in history. At this point, the two games are almost destined to be compared. Remember when Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 were released in the same season?...nothing but comparisons, yet two very different games. But they were the two premier exclusive shooters of that season, even if they were diff perspectives.

To be fair, if this was next year, and a proper Forza title was released, I do not believe DC would have fared any better in comparison.

Either way DC seems really good, and I am excited to, at the very least, get the PS plus version. I am too busy with FH2 to buy it now. But that's what is great about PS plus.

gootimes1382d ago

I guess people were right about Drive Club... They focused too much on graphics and not enough on gameplay.

I can't really fault a reviewer for comparing it to FH2, FH2 is still a racer, and a fun one it seems.

DC is probably still good though.

oof461382d ago

I actually think its good that the scores are all over the place. Beats the days when people would complain that everything would get an 8.5.

Best thing to do? Try the PS+ version to see if Drive Club is for you.

fr0sty1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )


Driveclub is the best-looking racing game I’ve ever seen on a console, but down deep it’s a more modest, conventional arcade racer than the sprawling, open-world types we commonly see today.

Way to compare apples to oranges. As if we come to expect open worlds out of a racing game. Forza doesn't have it, project Cars doesn't have it. GT doesn't have it. Only Forza Horizon does, and it had to make serious visual sacrifices to pull that off.

Don't bother listening to biased and/or paid off journalists (and both are very real, I was a journalist for many years before I got out of the industry), just download the PS+ version and find out for yourself.

Ju1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

"They focused too much on graphics and not enough on gameplay. "

This is simply wrong. This game plays harder than I expected. The Ai is actually really good, Winning actually is a challenge. I expected it way smoother. OTOH, I am not sure if I like the visuals that much. But that's just what you get with a muggy day lighting system - which is the case most of the time. It looks impressive in the special light situations, but not as "shiny" in direct sunlight as other games?

The gameplay, however, is spot on. Tight controls, a good sense of speed and a challenging AI. This sure ain't the problem if DC.

donthate1382d ago

Metacritic tends to accumulate the score pretty well and be spot on where I tend to have rated it myself so I don't see why this time it would be any different.

Metacritic says 74%, which is pretty bad for a delayed game!

I will get FH2 instead or even FM5 (at least the latter is hugely discounted now).

Still no games to play on the PS4 other than a remake (Last of Us remaster) from PS3! Mind boggling that PS4 sells so well on hype.

ChronoJoe1382d ago

It makes sense to compare this to GRID Autosport, if anything. :)

Not sure if DC is better than GRID Autosport, as I haven't played DC yet. GRID is a pretty good game though, but Codemasters have had a long time to get good at making racing games.

Give_me_head_strong1382d ago

Well to be fair, Driveclub isn't a Forza Motorsport killer either. The content in Driveclub is more comparable to an Android game, than a console game.

ikkokucrisis1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

It's hard to say if an open world racer is better than a traditional track type racer. It might just come down to your preference upon whether or not you prefer to mostly race other people online or if you just prefer to play on your own in a single player campaign format.

If you like to race a lot of other people online, a traditional race track type of game might be better for you because you'll more than likely be able to find a lot more people to race against in a relatively short period of time.

With that said, I've noticed that a lot of open-world type games are usually a lot more baron and desolate of people to find, play, & interact with online. I remember the first open world Burn-out game I played (Burn-out Paradise) was really cool at first, but then I noticed that there was nobody to really play with (because there are just too many other places in the map that people can be at any one time) and the game quickly lost my interest after a while.

Same thing holds true for other open world game series like Red Dead Redemption and GTA series. It would be great if they allowed over 100+ people to inhabit the server at the same time (like they do in MMORPG's), but it seems like they've really gimped the MP games on consoles.

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Volkama1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Comparisons are kinda part of reviewing. The whole review system in itself is made for comparisons, the scores are relative. People will always look at the number at the end, and compare it to the number at the end of the Forza reviews. Why not talk about it directly?

nX1382d ago

I feel like this game would've received different reviews if it released 2 months ago. Usually I agreed with the general consensus for a game but in case of Destiny and now Driveclub, I couldn't disagree more. It's like games are being rated only by the features they have/not have, but not by the fun you have while playing.

BlackOni1382d ago

And there in-lies the flaw in review scores.

Volkama1382d ago

@Bloodborn agreed. Not so much about Destiny, but about review scores in general. There are loads of "mediocre" games about that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Part of the problem is the price of games though. Most people are unwilling to invest $60 in a game that got less than great scores, and they end up getting overlooked.

Play what you fancy. If attractive closed-track racing appealed to you before these reviews, then it still should. If you are unsure about the handling model or any other detail, try the plus version first.

-Alpha1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )


Almost all the complaints about Destiny were very valid. Of course people review what the game has/does not have, what else would they do?

I have a lot of fun playing wrestling games when I have lots of friends over, but that doesn't mean the game is objectively any good. In fact, sometimes the fun I have comes out of how broken and glitchy the game is.

In the same way, "fun" doesn't ride you up to 9/10 scores. If Destiny was fun for most reviewers, they would have given it a higher score. What the game lacked, the repetitive nature, and the lack of a good story definitely pull the game down a lot. Destiny also made promises that they couldn't keep. Reviews inform potential buyers, some of whom follow the game and promises of the developers.


You are correct about comparisons. It's also doublefaced for people to be okay with the "Forza Killer" comparison and then not be okay when those comparisons are made in disfavour of Driveclub.

user56695101382d ago

its because people over-hype these games to no end. if gamers just let devs give the info and take it how it is and wait to play the game to see how it play then pass judgement it would received a better review(content wise). but people over-hyped stuff because they love pissing matches. im sure its a great game not all games are meant to be loved by everyone. most of these games these days are over-hyped and overrated because people overreact when seeing the gfx or some other bs excuse like exclusivity.

i hope evolution support this game so their supporter can see how this game grow, i want them to make a carmageddon type game was disappointed when they announced DC.

rainslacker1382d ago

Reviews should be based on the merits of a particular game, and not on it's worth compared to another game. When you read movie reviews they aren't comparing similar movies to each other, just focusing on what makes a particular movie good or bad.

In gaming, given it's adaptive nature, it's OK to compare a bit, but to downgrade a game because it isn't like another game is wrong. But at most, it should be more of a footnote, and not a grading criteria...particular for exclusive games where a PS fan probably couldn't care less how it compares to forza, and just wants to know if it's worth their time/money.

Downgrading should only be done on actual technical flaws, a regression on game play innovation, or just bad game play mechanics or implementation, and probably some things that others may consider buying criteria for a game.

MaxKill1381d ago

Check This,i think that they are very diferent games but have a lot of thins on common.

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zero_gamer1382d ago

Reviews aren't as favorable like expected. Not going to drop 60 whopping dollars on this. Maybe I will wait until a price drop, or just stick to the PS+ version all together. Buying Shadow of Mordor instead.

juggulator1382d ago

PS+ Version is missing from the store. No one can find it and Sony's not acknowledging it at all.

zero_gamer1382d ago

Oh well, no biggie. Off to Middle Earth.

elsuperamigo1382d ago

people cannot get mad at this game getting bad reviews from american sites,hell Americans dont even know nothing about racing they love to see cars going in circles and call it nascar they need to go to Europe and see real racing in action

Godz Kastro1382d ago

With comments like that, enjoy your one bubble :/

DirtyLary1381d ago

But we can sure spot a troll.

geddesmond1382d ago

We all know that when it comes to sony games you just add 1 point onto each review to counter all the hate most media review sites have for Sony and thats the real score. So an 8.9 is not bad at all. Still not my cup of tea. I only play Gran Turismo car games, don't really like arcade racers but I will try the PS Plus version considering its free.

turdburgler10801382d ago

Soo driveclub=drivecrap. Got it. Another hyped up game that fails. By educational standards it got a C+. This year has been a Rollercoaster of reviews.

Ra30301382d ago

Your so right....Evolution is not going to do anything to kill off Forza Horizon 2. Sadly for Turn 10 and Microsoft the X1 and Xbox 360 console owners are killing it off. Since the Forza Horizon 2 release those console owners have spoken very loudly worldwide and they have said "We don't won't FH2". FH2 had no pre-orders and then very few purchased it. FH2 with no sales brings into question all the pre release hype and high scores it goes to show Microsoft was paying for both the hype and high scores in hopes of selling FH2. We've seen this before with Microsoft with other exclusives. They did this with TitanFall, Forza 5 and Ryse and through the years many others maybe Microsoft one day will learn there are better ways to sell a game.

NeoGamer2321382d ago

That is completely off basis...

First, Forza has not traditionally had high sales on day one. Forza IPs have good legs and continually sell over time rather than huge day one sales.

Second, FH2 deserves the scores it is getting by reviewers. They are accurate and consistent with the game in my opinion. If you played the game you would know that.

Third, as for hype... Forza Horizon 2 did not have a trailer where they pasted on it "DriveClub Killer" whereas Sony did paste "Forza Killer" on their trailer. MS as only showed the game and gameplay for what it really is every step of the way. If MS has over-hyped or oversold Horizon 2 then please provide an example where the game has not matched up to the product delivered.

Fourth, I personally think Titanfall scores were too high, but that was not MS doing... Reviewers got into the who mech/FPS and didn't bother assessing the lack of a real single player campaign.

Fifth Ryse... MS did exactly what Sony has been doing DriveClub. They showed a ton of how beautiful the game but lacked gameplay. That said, most people who have played Ryse all the way through give it a better rating then its Metacritic ratings...

MS is doing nothing that Sony doesn't do... To single out MS is ridiculous. It is an industry issue not just MS.

mhunterjr1381d ago

What makes you think FH2 isn't selling well? Unlike most game releases dependent on hype, Microsoft let FORZA Horizon gameplay speak for itself. They let reviews play it for weeks before its release, ended the embargo a week before launch, and had a demo that Xbox 1 owners couldn't get enough of. If I had to guess, thanks to the demo, digital sales of this game were probably phenomenal.

Gone are the days where preorders can be your primary metric for success. They are more a metric for hype generated.

NeoGamer2321382d ago

Every since the announcement of DriveClub Sony fans have continually dissed on Forza saying DriveClub would be way better than both FM5 and FH2. Many Sony fans have even used the term GOTY to describe DriveClub... Or at least Driving GOTY...

Sony recently released a trailer that had a quote in it from one of the VG247 review saying it was a "Forza Killer"...

I agree that reviewers shouldn't encourage fanboyism... But, I also see the point when fanboys and marketing teams have continually dissed FM5 and FH2... The perception created needs to be dispelled.

Personally, I think DriveClub, GT, Forza Motorsports, and Forza Horizon are all solid IPs... They all have different strengths and weaknesses. Fans dissing any of the franchises are not gamers. As both a high octane driver and software development leader myself, I appreciate all of these franchises.

I have in previous comments expressing concerns that DriveClub would not live up to what fans were selling it to be. And I was disagreed with and mocked as a fanboy for looking at DriveClub objectively. I came in thinking the game would score about 75 on Metacritic and I am pretty bang on. I am playing the game and I like it...

Is it is as good as Forza Horizon 2? Ummmm.... Well, I will say that they have different strengths and weaknesses. That doesn't make one better than the other. But, Forza Horizon 2 is on iteration #2 whereas DriveClub is on iteration #1... That should be taken into account when looking at the two games head-to-head. Personally, I like FH2 more from a gameplay and content perspective and DriveClub has better graphics. Depends what you value more...

Veneno1382d ago

Not a fair observation. PR is better than the original in every way yet its lower scored.

FunkMacNasty1382d ago

Can someone please tell me where to find this "free" version on the PSN??? (Sorry for the slightly off topic post - been looking for awhile now and all I see is the full game or the $49.99 version with the ps plus logo... Nothing that says "free")



juggulator1382d ago

The free version was for plus members I suggest u check the latest enrage mode recently ensued on the ps blog under the store update post.

FunkMacNasty1382d ago

Thanks jugulator (below). I am a ps plus member, that's why I'm confused about the situation.. really wanted to play this today, but don't have the means to buy it quite yet

Xb1ps41382d ago

Been waiting for this review and I finally got it! Lol solid score but I thought something was up with this late review. Guess it's not all about the graphics after all that was all they ever talked about.

raymantalk11382d ago

even if DC had been open world ign would still of given it a low score as they do for most sony games

as for DC not being open world who cares it a racing game not gta and DC is all real time they could of made it open world if they had wanted too maybe DC2 will be but even if it is not does not matter.

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SniperControl1382d ago

A real mixed bag of scores coming in, i'll still get it though.

Death1382d ago

Reviews are irrelevant when you can download a pretty big demo and make your own decision.

Volkama1382d ago

^^This. People that already have the console can and will form their own opinions on the game.

Might make someone think twice about the PS4 Driveclub bundle though.

rainslacker1382d ago

Agreed. Man there are a lot of DC reviews on the first few pages of N4G. very mixed reviews too. The PS+ version is a bit more than a demo, and could probably keep a person busy for a month or more depending on their playing habits, so don't even see the need for a review other than hit garnering.

Ben Dover1382d ago

So far seems to be sticking around a 7.. not too bad but given the delays and the hype I did expect more. Shadow of Mordor it is then!

oof461382d ago

You can't go wrong with the Nemesis system.

G20WLY1382d ago

It's a new IP. Granted it was delayed, but when you read about what they've done with the engine, only a fool would disagree that this builds an impressive foundation.

boodi1382d ago

this doesn't hold me from being disappointed as this should have been the ps4 killer app I'm waiting from months .. mixed review doesn't sound that good .

I'm playing it tomorrow but my hype and expectation bar have considerably dropped .. gorgeous looking game ..ok.. rest is I'm lil unsure .

G20WLY1382d ago

Yeah, I agree, it's a shame the scores aren't a bit higher. I did kind of expect it though. New IPs have a tough time with reviewers and some 'journos' are desperate to derail PS4.

If it's a good game, that will shine through in the game's community; I gave up on being dictated to by reviewers a long time ago and thanks to the free version on Plus, I'll make my own mind up like you. :)

shloobmm31382d ago

No one is trying to derail the ps4 and as for new IPs Shadow of Mordor has been scoring very well for a new IP

boodi1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

agree and i can cope with the fact that DC maybe is not the killer app i was waiting , besides being a gorgeous looking game .
Sure Gt7 will be. Not happy to wait at the moment .

-Foxtrot1382d ago

Yeah I feel like when you have new IPs which have been built from the ground up you have to give them the benfit of the doubt it some cases...not compare it to Forza which has been for years.

I mean they listed this as a negative

"Almost exclusively Euro-centric car list"

And? Does that really make the game that bad.

I've seen this with mostly all the reviews, they seem to nitpick it to death and compare it to already existing racing IPs

Neonridr1382d ago

I guess they were trying to reiterate that cars come from all over the world. And it's a shame that we aren't able to experience more of that.

DLC incoming.. North America pack, Asia pack.. ;)

Septic1382d ago

"Almost exclusively Euro-centric car list"

And? Does that really make the game that bad. "

No but it makes it lacking. No Japanese cars man? Seriously wtf? I mean, aside from a few exotics, most of my cars in my Forza garage are JDM ones. It's actually a very BIG omission, especially if you're a car fanatic.

SuperBlur1382d ago

i know right. Some of the criticism comes from blatant ignorance . Heck i've seen one where the guy complain about the missing dynamic weather , he give the game a low score but does not even mention the feature will be added post-launch


1382d ago
-Foxtrot1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

"Forza Horizon on Xbox 360 was Playground Game's FIRST GAME EVER as a studio and it scored damn well and was loved by many...Horizon 2 is their second game ever and it out does their first say we should cut them slack because its a new IP is a sad excuse"

Forza Horizon already had Forza behind it, just because it was made by a different studio doesn't cancel out the fact the IP has been built up for quite a while. The foundation for Forza Horizon was already there thanks to past Forza games

1382d ago
gangsta_red1382d ago

"Almost exclusively Euro-centric car list"

And? Does that really make the game that bad.

YES! It actually really does. How about a Soccer game that only features Euro-centric teams. You think that would make a good Soccer game?

No more than any other game that gets nit picked to death. Time to stop defending these games and judge them on content. Driveclub had a whole year delay and should have been comparable with what is on the market.

It's a racing game, regardless of it being a new IP it is NOT a new concept, a new genre of game. It should have had everything the competition had and more to blow them out the water.

Once again everyone marveled at graphics, but didn't even think about gameplay, design or if it's even fun.

One day as gamers we'll learn.

GodGinrai1382d ago

"Yeah I feel like when you have new IPs which have been built from the ground up you have to give them the benfit of the doubt it some cases"

Funny...I never heard anybody say that about titanfall or Ryse, what with them being new IPs..yet we should give DC the "benefit of doubt"...

Evo studios are not strangers to racing games. they have been doing them since WRC on PS2. I could understand if this was their first racing game,but this isnt.

MrPink20131382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

"Forza Horizon already had Forza behind it, just because it was made by a different studio doesn't cancel out the fact the IP has been built up for quite a while. The foundation for Forza Horizon was already there thanks to past Forza games"


It's not like this is their first game ever made. They also made Motorstorm didn't they? So it's not like racing is new or making games is new. Did you cut Crytek this much slack for Ryse? How about Respawns first game, Titanfall? I highly doubt it which again shows why many question your bias.

Besides, if you're a good studio you can make new good games without poor excuses. Ever hear of The Last of Us?

mhunterjr1381d ago

Of course a lack of cars is a valid complaint in a racing game. The fact that they are mostly European doesn't mean much alone, but combined with the fact that there aren't many cars to begin with and it's very disappointing ... Especially for car enthusiasts...

People want to see their favorite cars rendered in this beautiful engine...

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StrawberryDiesel4201382d ago

60FPS seems to be the standard, they should have aimed for that with the amazing graphics. They should have know this would be compared to Forza Horizon.

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