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GR: Supporting Driveclub is a matter of hope. As a PlayStation exclusive, a fresh IP in this powerful console generation, an opportune offering after the lukewarm reception for Gran Turismo 6, a competitor to Microsoft's Forza franchise, and a comeback for Evolution Studios, it doesn't need to twist anyone's arm to garner support from the community. The limited but free PlayStation Plus version of the game doesn't hurt either. However, in an attempt to carve out its own identity in the racing genre, Driveclub ambitiously navigates the gray zone between the casual racer and the simulation racer, and while it finds several moments of brilliance, it ultimately gets lost in the fog.

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knifefight1413d ago

Question: Is the hashtag part of the title? I see it all over the place in the marketing material.

JonnyBigBoss1413d ago

About what I experienced during the last week. Good review.