Destiny: Terminus Area on Venus Found Accessible

Inaccessible until now, the Terminus area on Venus in Destiny has been accessed in a new video thanks to Youtube user nowise10.

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Mikelarry1410d ago

I don't understand when capcom did the whole on disk dlc everyone was raging but destiny does it and gets a pass

Fireseed1410d ago

You haven't seen their forums cannibalizing Bungie then.

thorstein1410d ago

The DLC on disc? It is? Oh, wow. All the content that comes with the DLC is on the Destiny disc. Do you have confirmation of that?

This video shows the areas that you can access. Note that they are empty. It is quite obvious that those areas are already built into the game, why wouldn't they be. But, this video shows that there is no content. So, the DownLoadableContent part is actually not on disc, is it?

n4rc1408d ago

This is a complete non-issue..

Dlc was planned before release.. It only makes sense these areas were planned when designing levels..

What's the alternative? Suddenly there is a door where there wasn't one the day before? Of course not.. That's not good design..

There are empty areas mapped into the levels, to be filled with dlc.. It just shows the dlc isn't an afterthought cash grab, but something planned from the beginning.

Enemies, set pieces etc are all the meat and potatoes of the dlc.. Not an empty room.

THamm1408d ago

It just shows the dlc isn't an afterthought cash grab, but something planned from the beginning

I wish more people would understand this about dlc, whether it be on disc or not

TheTimeDoctor1408d ago

people love to hate destiny. makes me like it more. not sure what that says about me.

jts18911408d ago

Not really. The hipsters are the one hating on it because it's been such a massive hit.

battletrax1408d ago

It says your a Celtics fan, and Im a Spurs fan.

midnight_231408d ago

Go spurs go! Timmy D represent defending Champs superstars 210 what's good

JVIV1408d ago

This works I'm exploring as we speak

LoneWolf0191408d ago

i cant get this jump as a warlock D:

Swiggins1408d ago

Warlocks got shafted in the mobility department :(

Shadonic1408d ago

They actually showed this area in one of the trailers before release.