DriveClub Review- Gameblog

"DriveClub is not a perfect title across the board at release but it’s very ambitious none the less."

Gameblog review DriveClub

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mushroomwig1294d ago

Finally, the reviews are being released. 3.5/5 is about what I expected.

Buff10441294d ago

I imagine a lot of people on N4G will be very defensive and somewhat disappointed with these scores. Ah well.

boodi1294d ago

to be honest me and a bunch ( millions ) people expected a killer app for ps4

danowat1294d ago

Let's be honest, the current gen, for all consoles, has been pretty crappy so far!!, at least in terms of review scores.

Volkama1294d ago

There have been some well reviewed games. Just the exclusives aren't being given the free pass they traditionally get.

boodi1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

try FH ( play the game and read the reviews ) then come back

GodGinrai1294d ago

^^ What boodi says. nothing more needs to be said.

Immorals1294d ago

7/10 for a new IP with stunning graphics isn't bad, and means it has a lot to build on for a sequel!

Torque_CS_Lewith1294d ago

Okay, that review embargo was starting to make sense now