Styx: Master of Shadows Review - Hit or Miss? | Worlds Factory

One of the strongest stealth games in recent memory, Styx: Master of Shadows offers a lot of challenge and replayability for its price point.

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kaiserfranz1144d ago

Wow, didn't see this coming. Too many games releasing!

Alexious1144d ago

Definitely agreed on that. And they even delayed many games to 2015...Developers all over the world are on fire.

Aurenar1144d ago

I have this in my wishlist...! I want it!

lemoncake1144d ago

I watched a gameplay video of this and it did look very good, will be one to get at some point.

Alexious1144d ago

Pretty sure it will be available for just a few bucks in the next Steam sale.

boskoz1144d ago

Added to my loooong future-games list

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