DriveClub PS4 : final build gameplay HD footage has published four brand new HD gameplay footage of the final build of DriveClub.

Videos include : Ferrari 458, Alfa Romeo 4C, Renault Clio RS et Audi R8 V10.

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Minimee1296d ago

This Renault Clio RS video is just fantastic !!!

Same for the Audi R8 ! Wow !

gameon19851296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Yes, wow! look at that tech demo.

Elzer1296d ago This here is the real deal driveclub be informed and not brain washed

XabiDaChosenOne1296d ago

@Elzer He said he only played 6 games, thats not being informed thats ignorance.

SniperControl1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Any guys & gals with the game, what are your thoughts of it so far?

It does look good though, car handling looks good, graphics are bloody amazing.

MaximusPrime_1296d ago

Seems no comments. Possibly busy playing DriveClub :D

SniperControl1296d ago

Just waiting for the inevitable flurry of fanboys to give their honest reviews of the game. lol

nX1296d ago

I played for about 3,5 hours so far and it exceeded my expectations. Many here claim that the "gameplay is bland" or whatever but the racing is actually exciting because the AI is challenging and the sense of speed is just perfect. The graphics (especially the lightning) are insane, most tracks look truly stunning and each corner is easy to remember because they look so remarkable.
Also the road textures are some of the best yet and there are many visual effects that really enrich the experience (like birdflocks/butterflies/confett i/fireworks/etc.)

Audio is top notch as well and the music fits the game perfectly (I love the menu music, some really dope tracks in there). Handling is very easy to learn and hard to master, the driving is lots of fun but unfortunately I'm not a fan of the drifting at all, other games do that much better. The visual customization is awesome but unfortunately there is no performance customization.

I also have to say that there is definately enough content, you should expect around 20 hours to complete the tour mode which has some really cool events. The single player mode (where you can race any track with any car and customize different settings) should be fun as well because you are constantly seeing challenges from your PSN friends. I can't say much about the online features yet because the servers aren't online but the multiplayer could be lots of fun if people are not crashing all the time. The whole structure of the game revolves around multiplayer so I think that it's even more fun if you're consantly connected. I can't find many negative things in Driveclub so it's pretty much a 9/10 for me at this point but I'm really interested in seeing the reviews in a few hours.

fedex6821296d ago

I got the digital version. I love the gameplay but not all tracks are downloaded. Anyone having this issue? I see a timer on download on some of the events in career. Does that mean I have to wait all this while for the track to download? Really not sure :(

SoapShoes1296d ago

The AI on Legendary is actually very hard. I'm loving the game but getting used to the handling. I'm used to GT6 so it's much different here.

WeAreLegion1296d ago

Incredible! It's like Motorstorm RC grew up and had a baby with Gran Turismo.

uth111296d ago

I haven't had a chance to play mine yet. Maybe in another hour

uth111296d ago

Have no idea why that got disagrees.. so fine, I'll just review the packaging...

The shrinkwrap is effective, but rather bland and transparent and lacks extra content such as price tags, special offers or "Forza Killer" accolade stickers. As shrinkwrap goes, it's not at all memorable. 5/10

kaozgamer1296d ago

Looks great. Sense of speed is great. I like the car handling, somewhere between a sim and arcade racer. They did a great job with the sounds.

The only problem I have is that the AI is a bit too aggressive at times. I mean sometimes they just ram into you as if you don't exist on the track and that gets a bit annoying. Like I mean I don't have a problem with the difficulty(game punishes you for any mistakes you make and thats fine with me), its just the ramming that needs to be fixed.

I can't comment on the online aspect of it because it looks like the servers are down.

I would give it a 8/10

ScottyHoss1296d ago

Try taking a corner wide and then pushing them from the side into the rail, it'll slow that car specifically down. There's other ways of getting around the aggressiveness, just depends on your driving style

SoapShoes1296d ago

The sense of speed really got nailed in this game, it's fantastic.

HaveAsandwich1296d ago

it's very fun. just dl the free version. you'll see, it's a flat out fun driving game.

Insomnia_841296d ago

Once you start playing you don't want to put the controller down. That's all you need to know.

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Hellsvacancy1296d ago

Can you play your own music?

nX1296d ago

At the moment, only if you have "Music Unlimited" on your PS4. If I'm not mistaken Sony is working on MP3 support so it should be possible some day. But to be fair, the music in this game is great, I didn't feel the need to use my own music yet.

Minimee1296d ago

Mmmm Good question.... lack of atmosphere is mostly pointed in the reviews :-/ Seems ok on track, but pretty old school (bad school) for the rest

SonyStyled1296d ago

i shit you not, the first .2 of a second of this video i thought it was real footage until it skipped. i however am very tired and not quite with it right now

NaAsAr1296d ago

I had high hopes for this game but it has honestly disappointed me to thus far. Grid autosport (pc) performance and play mechanics are doing a better job at immersion than this 😞

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