A revolution within a revolution - The beginning of the end of console wars

Ubisoft confirmed yesterday that Assassin’s Creed Unity will be locked at 900p/30fps on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Could this be the beginning of the end of the console war? Or the start of something much worse?

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HanCilliers1324d ago

What are you smoking bro? There will never be an end to the console war ;)

Army_of_Darkness1324d ago

If I was the stronger, faster athlete but still got a 2nd place award and treated the exact same as the runner up because they believed in parity and everyone is a winner for trying, I would seriously want to punch the prize giver in the face.

Genuine-User1324d ago

people come up with the most hilarious things lol

TH3BR3W1324d ago

There could be an end to the console war if everyone stopped supporting the attitude of (mine is bigger than yours). Simple fact about supply and demand, you demand the console wars and they supply the fuel. So how about we all just ask for better games and stop with the resolution and console superiority war then maybe we can get back to having games with some innovation in them.

Frankly I'm tired of recycled games like the AC series and basically anything EA publishes. I want developers to start trying new things like star citizen and no man's sky are doing. I want developers to feel like we support their efforts to be bold with their imaginations and allow them to invent new ways to immerse everyone into their vision.

Sadly that's not going to happen for a while because everyone is too focused on who has the bigger wiener this gen Xbox or Playstation.

ramiuk11324d ago

if create parity on all consoles it will kill gaming evolution imo.
one being better than other pushes creativity and spec upgrades.

look at the issue we had last gen with dvd discs vs bluray.
this time its the console.

if developer doesnt make the most out of each console i wont be able to support them.

devs should make the most out of each console or is it going to come down to own party devs to embarrass the 3rd party devs again??

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Sillicur1324d ago

This is not a good thing, at all. ALso, debates have not stopped, it actually has increased after this move by Ubisoft.

I hope other companies do not follow suit.

omegaheat1324d ago

Dude, get a life already. If you put as much energy into things that really matter you'd probably enjoy the leisure of playing video games more. I'm very disturbed that so many adults making comments like yours make up the majority of the accounts on this site. Then again maybe a lot of the accounts on this site are the n4g site monitors brilliantly stirring up arguments because it gives them hits. How many gamers were outraged over this news that it became an issue so soon? Who did a survey? How many actually own a PS4? Pointless.

rainslacker1324d ago

Well..the original story that broke this news here on N4G has over 500 comments. While N4G certainly isn't representative of the entire gaming community, it is generally a good barometer for things that that community is upset or annoyed about.

Maybe you don't want to accept it, and honestly, I will concede that there is a bit too much hyperbole already inserted into all this, but this thing has obviously annoyed quite a few gamers, and much like MS DRM stuff, it sets a bad precedent for the rest of this generation should it just go on with no criticism.

As far as the actual subject at hand, I see no problem with gamers of a particular system being annoyed that they aren't getting the most out of their console due to publishers/devs trying to maintain parity(something that didn't exist before last gen).

To most of them I say if they want that, just skip this title. It's just another AC game. I doubt they'd be missing out on much...or they could wait for the inevitable $20 version with 3 games bundled and a crap ton of DLC a couple years from now.

IrishSt0ner1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Destiny Beta was 900p, the retial release was 1080p so the author is just wrong.

Xbox releases at a sub full HD resolution, everyone laughs claiming look at that pathetic hardware... PS doesn't hit 1080p, it's fine as it's an intensive game (so long as it's better than XBO)... Parity, PS version is gimped.

Most multiplat games will always run better on PS4, but it's sure going to be amuzing watching all the hate at resolution parity on comparible machines.

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CongoKyle1324d ago

Apologies for the miss print, I was still under the impression Destiny was running at 900p on Xbox One. I still stand by my statement that it looked and felt better on PS4. I'll amend the article accordingly.

IrishSt0ner1324d ago

No worries, glad you take the time to stay accurate. I'll take your word for it, seems to be the case for most games.

Automatic791324d ago

I think the mixed messaging from Ubisoft is what created this debate.

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