Whatever Happened to Final Fantasy?

Retrovolve: "I love world-spanning, epic stories as much as the next geek. I want to fall in love with characters, enjoy and appreciate their backgrounds, and feel their triumph right along with them. At the same time, Final Fantasy games are just that: games. They may be games designed to tell a story, but it’s a story that I’m supposed to play through. They ask me not to simply watch he characters progress through a story, but step into the role of those characters and experience their adventures through their eyes.

Modern Final Fantasy games, by and large, seem to want to tell the story they plan on telling, and f*ck any player input."

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nX1411d ago

It's simple, Squaresoft made the great FF's.
One day, they merged with Enix, many things changed and since then Final Fantasy went downhill. I don't know what exactly happened there but my guess is that Square was restructured and "westernized" by Enix.

Tetsujin1411d ago

I want Square Soft back, Square Enix can eat it.

levian1411d ago

Some decent games have come out of it. FFX was made when they were SE, although it could definitely be argued that X was the beginning of the decline, being the first game to be very linear.

Also, they made Kingdom Hearts which I absolutely love, as well as FFXII. But yea, 90% of the games to come from SE have blown. I'm including the new Hitman, Tomb Raider, and Thief.

ruFFlerX1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Both FFX and KH were games made by Squaresoft.
Oh and the downfall started with Squaresoft: FFX-2...

superherox71411d ago

It was crushed under its own weight and brought back to reality. That's why ffxv looks similar to older ffs (not in terms of battle but world, cars, shops, towns, npcs)

Whxian1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

it really doesnt look anything like the older ffs.
it looks more like advent children (movie) with action gameplay which probably wont be anything you are used to in terms of world, shops, towns etc.

after their failure which is ff13, and success with braverly default, they said they would focus on rpgs, but i dont think that applies to ff15.

King_of_Nothing1411d ago

Squenix tried to fix something that wasn't broken

johny51411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Square needs to look at the Disgaea games if they want to go back to their roots!

All the Final Fantasy games from the PS1 days are much better then FFXIII and all it's sequels and spin offs! Why? Because they had charm, Great Stories, memorable music and awesome Villain's!!!

Tdmd1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

They've tried to westernize their games.

Sly-Lupin1410d ago

The only Final Fantasy game that ever tried a "Western" approach was FFXII. If anything, the series has become more Japanese with each new game.

Tdmd1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Not at all. That was the point of XIII and it's lack of exploration. Accordingly to it's own producer's, they wanted to lure shooter's fans to the series.

Lightning Returns also got rid of parties and added a clock to finish the game, implementing an even faster paced combat to a trilogy that already had fast paced combat instead of the slow combat of older games... how is that being more japanese? The creators themselves said they were inspired by CoD of all games!

I may be wrong (I hope so), but it seems that even FFXV might be heading in this same direction as well, with it's brilliant "press A for Awesome" combat mechanics.

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