What 'Destiny' Needs To Learn From 'Diablo 3' About Loot

As you may have heard, Destiny rolled out a big patch recently. Well, a small patch that did a few big things in terms of loot. It solved the game’s since-launch problem of the smarmy Cryptarch, a vendor who would “decrypt” your random item engrams, and often reveal gear or weapons of a worse quality than you expected.

And yet, Destiny’s loot system still has a long ways to go.

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Jimboms1411d ago

Good article! I agree with you 100%

PixelGateUk1411d ago

Diablo 3 took just over a year to recover from being pretty 'meh' to goood. I don't think enough people will stick around for a year in a rather fickle market in this case :(

TXIDarkAvenger1411d ago

add an auction house...just kidding.

Vermigs1411d ago

Friend-to-friend trading would be a somewhat decent stop-gap for the problem. Agreed with the "no loot from bosses" critique also, has to be my biggest peeve with the game at this point. They could have learned something from Diablo's launch but they didn't and their comments on how "this isn't the way we want you to get loot or play the game" is a real slap in the face to, I would say, most players.

OmegaShen1411d ago

The loot system is fine, the people that are crying are the ones that want the best loot handed to them for doing nothing.

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