Dear Naughty Dog: Please Don't Make 'Uncharted 4' Dark Or Brooding

Forbes: We’ve seen Uncharted 4 only in snippets so far. There was an E3 trailer, a few images, and a standard issue screenshot that makes the series protagonist look like more or less every video game hero, ever. A few pieces of concept art have now surfaced, and a pattern has emerged: darkness. I don’t want to jump to conclusions this early, but I’m becoming worried. The series that made its reputation on being the most charming blockbuster game available is beginning to brood, and I don’t think that’s a good idea. “Uncharted 4: Thief’s End,” it’s called.

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LightDiego1413d ago

Do you wanna teach Naughty Dog how to create Uncharted 4?
"i'm becoming worried", facepalm...

sinncross1413d ago

The author is jumping to conclusions.

Have you seen the reveal trailers for UC, UC2 and UC3? Both put Drake in very grim, life-and-death looking situations.

Have you seen the concept art for these 3 games?

All of them are dark and brooding, yet all of them end up entirely charming. Being worried about UC4 changing this makes very little sense to me.

BiggCMan1413d ago

For me, your links redirect to the main page of that website and I can't see them :O

Jimboms1413d ago

Love that you wrote an article on this, good job!

indyman77771413d ago

I'm agreeing with an article about a video game from forbes! I fought it but everything rings true. Why is everyone trying to change for the sake of change. If you make a perfect light game why are you switching to a dark game? You'd risk destroying a perfect light game to hope and make a perfect dark game? Hello!

medman1413d ago

Do whatever you want with Uncharted, Naughty Dog. I trust you. You haven't let me down yet, and if dark and brooding is what you envision for what may be Drake's final adventure, so be it.

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The story is too old to be commented.