Watch some exclusive Xbox One Assassins Creed Unity gameplay

Connected Digital World writes: Ubisoft recently took us to Paris to take a look at Assassin’s Creed Unity and we have some Xbox One gameplay to share with you.

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Only thing i see different with this game so far from the others is 4 player co-op, other then that it looks exactly the same far as gameplay goes.

Christopher1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

No no no. You are completely wrong. Ubisoft said they built this from the ground up to be completely different from the past games and to take advantage of every bit of the latest console's power. This is nothing like the old games, it's all new.

If you can't trust Ubisoft, who can you trust? It's not like they'd ever spit and shine things like this to make it look like they actually evolved the game on an annual release or anything. Who do you think they are, EA with their sports game releases?

@castillo below: Call it what you will, but it all looks the exact same to me. It's like when EA says Madden was rebuilt from the ground up. What does it matter if it all plays and looks the same?

ScorpiusX1168d ago

Revamped climbing, parkour, gadgets + story.

ArchangelMike1168d ago

All I want to know is does it still have the impassable white walls? If it does, them count me out. Ubisoft need to make a game with a proper open world.

Christopher1168d ago

I don't recall AC4 having impassable white walls. Not sure if this one will have them, though. They tend to have those to block off content based on your storyline progression.

AC was never a true open world game. But, it did end up being open world as you progressed the storyline.

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Excited to play this with friends

Volkama1168d ago

Have we passed the point in the schedule where Ubisoft start showing real footage, or are we still in the "will be downgraded" period of development? :)

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aviator1891168d ago

I've actually never played an assassin's creed game before.
Are they any good?

MadSientist891168d ago

play one and find out for yourself.

Mr_cheese1168d ago

Not a very constructive comment.

It all depends on your taste of games. If you are going to give them a wing, then i'd recommend skipping the first title because as awing as it was graphically at the time, it was a dull and repetitive game. The second game was what the first should have been.

After that, I am afraid I can't tell you because I stopped purchasing them due to the amount that was being churned out and I feel the initial story went out of the window.

PeaSFor1168d ago

just play Shadow Of Mordor, its better in every aspects.

ArchangelMike1168d ago

And it doesn't have impassable white walls everywhere.

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