Styx: Master Of Shadows Review - The Renegade Who Had It Made | Dealspwn

Dealspwn writes: "I've been waiting for this game forever. One of the most under-appreciated American rock bands of the late 70s finally has a videogame of their own, complete with legendary tunes like Mr. Roboto, Renegade and Come Sail Away. Styx are awesome and it's about time too. Here's hoping for a Foreigner tie-in next.

Oh. Turns out that Styx: Master Of Shadows is actually a dark fantasy stealth game from Cyanide Studios."

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jhoward5851382d ago

I Agree with the score..Styx is Ok as far as game play/visuals.

Blues Cowboy1382d ago

It's got a lot of heart, but I can't help but wish that it was shorter, more polished and released at the cheaper £15 tier.

Stealth fans should definitely check it out though.