GTA V is Largest PS4 Game Yet at 50 GB

The PS4 version of GTA V, due to be released in November, will clock in at 50GB making it the biggest PS4 game to date.

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Meltic1409d ago

damn no wonder i must uninstall old games.

Spenok1409d ago

Uhm... The Last of Us says hi. It is also 50GB, and it's been out for months.

ShinMaster1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

And that's why games can't be all digital. At least not any time soon.

A lot of people's internet speeds and service providers are not up to the task.

All digital would have been nice 2 generations ago, when games were only a couple of gigs.

Volkama1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Speaking of PS4 hard drive, I'm at that juncture where I need to get a better internal drive. Not so much because of the capacity, but because the slooooow.

I've been looking at the options, and it looks like I can go SSHD or 7200rpm mechanical, but not both. All the SSHD drives have a 5400rpm mechanical.

Given that I am using the console for games, and the data reads are not going to be particularly recurring or predictable, the 7200rpm mechanical would probably be better. Right? Any thoughts from folks using them?

Edit: Hmmm ~500gb SSDs aren't priced too badly. I could go for one of those, and just manage my storage a bit.

aerisbueller1409d ago

Only advice with SSDs, it's make sure the particular model has been around long enough to have old reviews. Most SSD's give zero warning when they fail, so you won't have noise or slow running, before you lose all your saves and installs.

and also, the speed difference between 7200rpm and SSD is monsterous. I actually did some tests, and some software on my PC would launch faster than it would maximize from already being loaded. And when playing Bioshock Infinite I didn't have time to read the first sentence of the loading screen tips before the level was fully loaded. It's a beautiful thing.

uth111409d ago

I read somewhere that SSHDs gave the best performance for the price with the PS4. Going from SSHD to SSD didn't give as much benefit on the system. It wouldn't surprise me if a 5400rpm SSHD outperformed a 7200rpm non-hybrid

Also I think Sony recommend against 7200rpm because of the possibility of added heat. Although many are using them successfully.

Volkama1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Thanks for the sensible replies :)

The thing with SSHDs is benchmarks can be very deceiving, particularly if you run them more than once. They work by copying your most frequently read data onto the flash storage, so that it is ready for fast access. So if you are repeating a benchmark, it may get SSD-like performance.

Works well on something like Windows, where you might constantly boot it up, run Outlook/Firefox/Office or whatever, and possibly even access the same spreadsheets every day. It can put that data on the flash storage for a huge performance benefit.

But a console is less predictable. I'll be loading game assets and textures, switching it up way beyond the 8GB of "fast" storage. So in real usage terms that data will mostly be pulled off of the 5400rpm platters. That makes a pretty strong case for the 7200rpm drive instead.

BUT I think I'll give it a month or so and see how I'm looking for capacity. If I think it will be managable I'll whack a 500gb SSD in there, they're a lot cheaper than they used to be.

I'm not overly worried about reliability. I assume if I need to replace the drive later I'll be able to download my saves and such from PSN.

Guwapo771409d ago

Save your money and go SSHD. The tests were done last year. Like you, I wanted to go SSD too.

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hiredhelp1409d ago

Huh it is ps4 game there talking about ps4 platform....

Immorals1409d ago

Jeez, I'm definitely not going digital on this one..

CernaML1409d ago

You dont really have a choice. Entire game will install either way. lol

MRMagoo1231409d ago

Yeh but he doesnt wanna download it all I suspect because of how large it is and internet plans sometimes suck, probably nothing to do with the size on the hdd

the_dark_one1409d ago

well maybe he isnt going digital cause of his bandwidth allowance. or maybe cause it would take him a long time to download. so he does have a choice of going physical copie of the game. the part of install the game probably he knows ;D

Immorals1409d ago

Installing is a lot faster than downloading :p. I'm on uncapped Internet, but it's still a huge file!

CernaML1409d ago

That makes sense. It boggles my mind how some ISPs have data caps in this digital age.

As for download times, shouldnt be much of an issue thanks to preloading. :)

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Paprika1409d ago

Yeah..... think I'll be buying it on disc lol!

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