Takealot and kalahari Merger - Good for Gamers?

MWEB GameZone writes: "In a very surprising move, and TAKEALOT announced that they will merge to create a single retailers platform. According to the press release the two giants are joining forces in order to better compete with international retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba.

The bigger question is, will the merger benefit gamers or just fill the pockets of kalahari and TAKEALOT? Less competition is always a bad sign, as it eliminates competitive pricing."

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DesVader1294d ago

Less competition is normally bad but lets see.

CongoKyle1294d ago

I wonder what this means for competitive pricing? :O

GabeSA1294d ago

Oh dear...I liked them both because they were competitive. This is not a good thing.

Ocsta1294d ago

Dudes we have other retailers. Chillax.

Sillicur1294d ago

I wonder what type of awesome merger specials they will have :)

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