Forza Horizon 2 Mobil 1 car pack detailed and out today

Neil writes "The first downloadable content pack for Forza Horizon 2 has been detailed, and it’s on its way to a console near you today."

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Jdoki1408d ago

The one thing that eventually turned me off Forza 5 was the abundance of DLC. And the reduction in core content compared to previous versions.

It diluted the core game to the point where it felt that to get to the cars I really wanted to drive required a purchase. And the way the packs were structured was aimed at ensuring people who are fans of a particular manufacturer had to buy multiple packs.

This is the sole reason I have held off buying Horizon 2, to see if the same thing happens here - and already it appears it is.


Immorals1408d ago

Vanilla horizon has over 200 cars. That's more than enough for me. Been a forza owner since the first, and have never felt pushed into buying car packs.

green1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Don't knock this game before you have played it. I felt the demo was great but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer brilliance of the full version of Forza Horizon 2. It is not only the best racing game i have played in 10 years but also one of the best game i have played in ages. Absolutely brilliant.

In regards to DLC, i hardly ever support it, but i got the season pass for this game because i know that even after a year, i will still be playing this game. Yes it is that good.

Immorals1408d ago

Best racing game I've ever played, best game this generation, by a long way. The amount of things to do is mind boggling. It's the first game I'm aiming for 1000/1000 gs on that isn't a grind.

green1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

@Immorals: I agree. I have not felt this way in a long time while playing a video game. From the music, graphics, locations, handling, racing variations, car selection, it is all A+.

EDIT: Ohh and did i forget to mention the way the online races are structured? F**king brilliant!!

mcstorm1408d ago

@Green & Immorals I also agree. For me the 1st horizon was one of the best racing games I have ever played but Horizon 2 tops that and I cant get enough of the game.
I liked Forza 5 I did not think it was the best in the series 4 for me had been so far but the Drivatar really made the game stand out in SP as I completed the other games and just went onto MP but 5 still has me playing the SP now.

Drivatar's added to Horizon 2 makes this game even better than it would of been without them. Seeing how everyone takes different lines and shortcuts is really unlike any other game out there today.
The graphics are stunning too Weather really changes the game and for me its the best next gen game ive played so far.

As for the DLC im not a massive buyer of DLC on games but I got the ultimate version for Horizon 2 because of how good the content was in the 1st game and this is really standing up to it as well as it has some amazing car packs on the way and the extra events with VIP packs ect are all worth every penny.

I also see my self still playing Horizon 2 in 18 moths time which is rare for me with games there is only really Halo that has kept me going back to it and the 1st Horizon.

Jdoki1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I'm not knocking the game before playing it. And thanks to all for the positive comments - it's good to know there's plenty of game in the core.

My problem is not one of quality, it's one where Forza - more than any other game series I love - appears geared toward removing money from wallets. And that has got worse this gen. And for some reason it rubs me up the wrong way more than other titles with DLC.

So, I am absolutely not knocking Horizon 2. I am simply stating that I hugely disliked the Forza 5 DLC approach to the point where it soured my opinion of it, and it has made me wary of future Forza titles. I have no doubt I'll buy Horizon 2 at some point - but I'll probably wait and see.

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Septic1408d ago

Errr have you seen the cars on offer in this DLC? They are very niche cars. An old Sirocco? Renault Clio? 1988 BMW M5?

"It diluted the core game to the point where it felt that to get to the cars I really wanted to drive required a purchase"

You're getting 200 cars. There are games out there that offer a quarter of the lineup.

Father__Merrin1408d ago

the game has enough cars anyway, the rest is optional. the only thing I don't like about this model is that it shows out in game as greyed out.

makes you feel you haven't got the lot

tgunzz1408d ago

This is the best in class racer!!! Sheer ecstacy every time you fire it up. The game is so robust that it feels overwelming at times with the gigantic road map (virtually go anyway), in addition to the amazing gameplay... I get chills when I am driving at night, and seeing the beautiful fireworks among the night sky!!! I really wish I could attend one of those Horizon festivals. They are partying their asses off. Game on!!!!!!!

mhunterjr1408d ago

Man, horizon 2 ships with 200+ cars... Surely you'll be able to find plenty you like without making a single purchase

urwifeminder1408d ago

Turn around when it is safe to do so.

falviousuk1408d ago

Disaaponting is not a word you can use in the same sentence, paragraph or even context of this game.

Im not really that big on racing games, but this one is fantastic fun to play, and its great just to drive around. However I do recommend driving in cockpit mode, the head off road, exhilarating. Driving through the fields of corn, purple heather, through woods avoiding (or crashing) the trees.

And how many games let you race a train.

Graphics are amazing, and doing an offered at night, in the rain with headlights on in your offered vehicle is just stunning.

No, I would definitely not use the word disappointing with this game

1408d ago
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Torque_CS_Lewith1408d ago

These are very talented when it comes to making trailers for racing games.

boodi1408d ago

tomorrow I'll be playing Driveclub , still feel FH is the racing game to have now . I've been playing it for a week now and i feel the same fun as when i was 10 years old and tried Outrun the first time . And can't stop playing it , it's so brilliant and marvel at the same . incredible game .

boodi1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

and even photomode somewhat looks better on FH .. look yourself and tell yourself and do not lie or fanboy here

also the grand cherokee climbing the hill on the grass in the trailer ( that's gameplay ) definitely looks real