PowerLeveled | Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

The sound of cold steel striking flesh with all a man’s force behind it. The crack of bone and spilling of blood that follows. The resounding thud of a head falling from its body and hitting the rain soaked ground. These are usually things that make the average person cringe or feel a sense of nausea about.

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Jacktrauma1383d ago

Glad to see a well done lotr game. They've been very hit or miss for quite some time. let's hope this is the one that takes it to more hits than misses

JoGam1383d ago

I bought it, Gotta be a Hit.

Stevefantisy1383d ago

I enjoyed playing this at Pax Prime this year. This is a good review looks like another game for the wishlist of a poor gamer.

TarZ1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Yeah that is why the special edition with the season pass which was £50 on steam was the top seller for a good while.

@WeAreLegion It is also not a LOTR game, it is set in middle earth with ties to the one ring story but it is very much its own.

WeAreLegion1383d ago

While I'm enjoying the game immensely, I can't shake the feeling that the first great LotR game doesn't actually feel like LotR.