Fresh Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer tells much more new things about the game

A couple of hours ago, thr fresh Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer, which is commented by the developers of the project, was published.

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poppinslops1292d ago

Lots of people...

This game is at the top of the pre-order charts.

Matt6661292d ago

that's because people are sheep and are still willing to believe Activision lies after all these years, if anything in my own opinion it just looks like an add-on for BO2.

poppinslops1292d ago

Wait... People are SHEEP?

spacedelete1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

let stupid people waste their money. i don't care in fact i love the fact people waste money on trash like COD. they are just a bunch of fools. so many better games these days.

DeadlyOreo1292d ago

You care, you're here aren't you?

poppinslops1292d ago

Hilarious, isn't it?
These derps think there are people are dumber than they are!

God, I love this website!

mcarsehat1292d ago


I used to, it's a testament to those that are thick as pigsh*t but day after day after day of the same crap......yaaaaaaaawn

theshredded1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

I wish Infinity Ward didn't collapse and haven't had many layoffs.They made the only CODs I enjoyed.MW3 was okay but Ghosts was an abomination

Immorals1292d ago

Cod 1,decent, cod 2,amazing, cod 4 was pretty good. Mw2 was iffy, and marked the beginning of the end for cod

spacedelete1292d ago

ever since the original IW guys left the COD games have been trash. its like a COD clone that other games were trying to be which is ironic. thats why they have been the same every year because Activision doesn't have a clue why people loved COD in the first place so kept it the same because they don't want to risk their cash cow.

Newmanator1292d ago

When it says 'Fresh' trailer I was thinking fresh as in new, not the first one.

brewskiebob1292d ago

This will be the best cod since mw2. Cod4 will never be topped. Im just excited for AW simply because it reminds me of unreal tournament and i love that type of gameplay

Immorals1292d ago

For me, world at war takes cod4 behind the bike shed and beats it bloody with a shoe

brewskiebob1292d ago

I cant really reply on that i skipped WAW but heard it was great. Id buy it and play but pretty sure most lobbys are hacked by now

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