Assassin's Creed: Unity #PS4NoParity Goes Viral, Can Ubisoft Rectify Their Mistake With 1080p Patch?

GP: In simple lay-man's term, how would a sequel to a particular game will run at lower resolution than its predecessor? I am not here to start a long debate of PS4 vs Xbox One: Resolution vs FPS Battle, but Ubisoft could have handle the development of Assassin's Creed: Unity better i.e. should have went for 1080p on PlayStation 4 and if they were facing some issue achieving it on Xbox One, they should have openly contacted Microsoft to achieve it like in the case of Bungie's Destiny and Blizzard's Diablo III.

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DJustinUNCHAIND1141d ago

Let them get their stupid 1080p patch, and watch them lose out on the onscreen NPC count and AI.

PLASTICA-MAN1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

They can , but they won't, $inc€ <-

angelsx1141d ago

I cancelled my preorder.

HaveSumNuts1141d ago

Ubisoft has been getting away with this downgrade stuff for too long. Watch Dogs, Far Cry 3 and now AC Unity. Remember when they said Unity will be taking full advantage of next gen tech? That statement is B.S if you're aiming for parity.

Gaming247allday1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Again the MEDIA spun this story and took the quote out of context and you all ate it up, they pull certain quotes that they think will generate the most clicks and they run it as a headline, you sat on THEIR sites arguing all day reloading pages and clicking on them all day debating your points while some jerk was laughing about all this, its exactly what they wanted, maybe we should be mad at Gaming Journalism instead of the creators?

just a thought..... lol

Army_of_Darkness1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Ubisoft has become a big disappointment in the gaming community due to this parity crap and someone at Sony should put them in there place!

@all these xbone fangirls saying that the ps4 wouldn't be able to achieve 1080p on this game are full out in denial and just borderline retarded considering how almost every game out so far has been 1080p. .. .It's simple really. if the xbone can achieve 900p on a game, then the ps4 can achieve 1080p.

16bitNutritionist1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

@gaming247 you are completely right dude, this site and many others just spin articles out of control nowadays, if Ubisoft could of achieved 1080p without compromise of graphical fidelity, AI, NPC count etc then they would have...simple as that...but most "Supposed" gamers these days just prefer to moan about games than actually playing games...and this site has got to be one of the worst for fueling keyboard warriors...jus calm the hell down otherwise stop playing games....

Edit: que the disagrees hahahaha

Chrischi19881141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

How dumb is that article? Of course a sequel can run at lower resolution, because the game became more demanding, but the hardware didnt improve likewise. How hard is that to understand? Then again, all of the new consoles are not really powerhouses, this just proves it again.

And then again, 1080p or 900p... what is the problem with 900p? Many console gamers never dealt with graphics settings and so think resolution and framerate is all that makes a game beautiful. I take any game with 900p, Anti Aliasing and high textures over a game that offers nothing, but 1080p. Quality of pixels count just as much as the total number of them. Especially when we talk about like 1,5 million pixels to 2 millions. We dont talk about differences like 0.4million and 1,5 million.

Waiting for the disagree of rabid fanboys^^

Magnes1141d ago


AC4=ps4(1080p) XB1(900p)

ACU= ps4(900p) XB1(900p)

So from AC4 to ACU the PS4 loses 180p I can see that but the XB1 which is proven to be inferior hardware (GPU and CPU) is miraculously able to retain 900p. Come on this is the real world.

disclaimer I own both.

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Randostar1141d ago

The senior producer literally said "We decided to lock them at the same specs to avoid all the debates and stuff,".

Septic1141d ago

"to avoid all the debates and stuff"

What a genius...

MrDreadnought1141d ago

Indeed people seem to forget about this single fact.

Volkama1141d ago

What I find funniest about the whole thing is that these "debates" come from fanboys. Not Microsoft.

So IF there is any truth to what the senior producer initially said, then one version of this game has been gimped because of raging fanboys.

Way to go, guys. Keep fighting the good fight.

LeCreuset1141d ago


What I find funniest about this whole thing is the assumption apparently held by you and Ubisoft that it is Ubisoft's place to moderate and stifle conversation about HARDWARE performance.

If there is one thing MS has done spectacularly with the Xbox brand, it is developing a cult of loyalists who are overly invested in the brand, from the dude-bro who replaces RROD'd unit after unit because he is invested in Xbox Live, to the journalists who suddenly decided, this gen, that graphics comparisons are petty, to game publisher so far up MS' rear end that they are blind to the inherent problems of a software publisher publicly stating that they locked a game at certain specs, across platforms, to avoid debates about which hardware platform outperforms the other, and finally to the Xbox loyalist who in the aftermath of all of that can still find a way to blame those mean ol' nasties who have the nerve to mention Xbox's deficiencies for a third party pub purposefully under-performing, on a product it plans to sell to its customers, for the sake of a hardware manufacturer's reputation.

Volkama1141d ago

There is some irony in you accusing me of assuming anything. Your own assumption is quite wide of the mark.

Septic1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )


"If there is one thing MS has done spectacularly with the Xbox brand, it is developing a cult of loyalists who are overly invested in the brand"

Haha you have absolutely got to be kidding me. I could very easily say that about Sony loyalists who seem to have a near symbiotic relationship with the company. Nonsense. Fanboys will be fanboys. #dealwithit

pompous1141d ago

Yeah and it coincidentally happens when MS has a marketing deal for this game.

LeCreuset1141d ago


There is no irony. My comment hit the mark dead on, which is why your comeback is nothing more than the old "I know you are but what am I" counterargument.


Spare me the false equivalency nonsense. Your argument falls into the same category as Volkama's response. Sony loyalists, for the most part, will actually hound the company for changes they want, including bugging Yoshida about the light bar on the DS4. Xbox loyalists, generally, just get mad at anyone who dares question Microsoft and their "wave of the future" plans.

P.S. Why do Xbox loyalists use #dealwithit when defending MS? Do you not understand who is the butt of that joke?

nX1141d ago

Well said, I can't believe how some aren't annoyed by this. It's a lazy decision by one of the biggest but also currently worst publishers and some people don't even care. I can assure you that every PS4 owner gets mad if you explain this to them but even Xbox owners should. Their version can only improve if Ubisoft takes more advantage of the individual hardware so it's not like they would lose anything here, it's just that the PS4 hardware would allow for more improvements than the X1 hardware.

Volkama1141d ago

@Lacreuset no, you missed the nail by a wide margin. Saying "I'm right lala lalala lala" doesn't make it so.

I have given no stance on whether Ubisoft are right or wrong to say or do anything. All I have done is highlighted the fact that they are squarely blaming fanboys. You are assuming I have a particular stance on it, and you are wrong.

Then you went off on a fanboy rant. Which is funny.

LeCreuset1141d ago



I have people responding to my comment that want to deflect by playing the false equivalency game, but the quickest way to prove me wrong is by having the majority of the Xbox supporters commenting here declare this is a crap move by Ubisoft.

This isn't just Sony fanboys speculating that a game was held back for parity. This is a publisher admitting that they locked a game at certain specs, across platforms, to avoid debates about which system is better. It doesn't get more direct. So where's the condemnation from that camp?

Just look at the comment I responded to. Instead of bashing Ubi, he's placing the blame on gamers. You would think Septic would join me in taking him to task for that, but nope. It's all about the reputation management.

rainslacker1141d ago

No No're spinning that into something that is not what was said....

hope my sarcasm was apparent.

LeCreuset1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )


"I have given no stance on whether Ubisoft are right or wrong to say or do anything."

That's exactly my point! You do a better job of proving my criticism was on the mark than even I have. You leaped right over the real issue (that it isn't a publisher's place to give consumers a lesser product for the sake of protecting a hardware manufacturers reputation) to mock the "raging fanboys... fighting the good fight," as if they deserve more criticism (or any at all) for this development than the publisher responsible for making the game.

choujij1141d ago


Well said. +1 bubble.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1141d ago

They act like the CPU it's the bottleneck. That's funny considering unlike Xb1 Mark Cerny built PS4 to offload CPU task directly to the GPU.

Is all just a lie to make parity.

MRMagoo1231141d ago

The cpu doesnt effect the res anyway, so we all know that ubi are talking complete crap.

starchild1141d ago

Oh come on, you act like any CPU process can just be offloaded to the GPU. That's not how it works.

If that were the case then we wouldn't even need a CPU and we'd just run everything off the GPU.

dRanzer1141d ago


and why do u think they do both consolce 900P becouse PS4 cpu is "weaker" then x1? BS,10% more clock speed on x1 cant get jump from 900P to 1080P,not to mention that test shows ps4 cpu is more powerful.
all to do with GPU

in other words i blame the xbox one

ravensly1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

@starchild it can its call gpgpu


@mrmagoo123 cpu doesnt effect resolution but it slows down the fps. faster cpu means more fps

Volkama1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

The Xbox One is capable of GPU compute too. As is every PC GPU since a long time ago.

The PS4 pushes that area a lot further (relative to the rest of it's specs), but time will tell if that's a good thing or not. It is certainly the most interesting part of the PS4's design, but then the cell was the most interesting part of the PS3's design.

As Starchild says, GPU compute is only suited to certain types of calculation. We know it is useful for particle effects, and there are types of physics calculations it can do. I've never heard of GPU compute being used for AI, which seems to be the key process Ubisoft are struggling with.

And as MrMagoo says, CPU limitations really shouldn't hit the resolution that much. Indirectly I suppose it could make some other tasks (AA, deffered lighting and shadows and such) demand a little more CPU resource.

AndrewLB1141d ago


You have no idea what you're talking about regarding CPU power and resolution. Many games will run higher algorithms for effects as well as complex AI on the CPU and thus end up slowing down considerably based on CPU speed as the resolution climbs (I think Arma 2 is one of those). Ideally these effects should be run on the GPU but its not always possible when the GPU is already being maxed out rendering graphics. But by and large most games don't scale badly with resolution changes due to a CPU limitation but there are always exceptions. All one has to do is look at the crowds in Unity and it could very well be a CPU bound game.

Give this article a read, it touches a bit on these concepts.

Volkama1141d ago

Outstanding. "Only the PS4 can do GPU Compute" gets a well said bubble, despite being categorically untrue.

Thumbs up N4G.

rainslacker1141d ago


any process could be offloaded onto the GPU, it may not always be efficient to do so however.

The item in question here is AI. So what makes up AI? AI is made up of if/then type statements in various forms. Those statements are definitely handled better on a CPU.

But AI is also made up of vector calculations, raycasting, and geometry(or static mesh) collisions/position calculations to perform the actions of the result of those if/then statements. They make up the bulk of AI computing, and those types of calculations are most certainly exponentially faster on a GPU. Those calculations are what make up the bulk of what games use for GPU compute nowadays.

GPU compute is not some new form of exotic programming that the developers suddenly got thrown into, it's been in development for many years, and most of it's uses involve AI or geometry positioning calculations.

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starchild1141d ago

So this author really thinks 1080p is more important that everything else they are doing with the game?

zeuanimals1141d ago

And what are they doing with the game that's so amazing? The AI is nothing special, enemies are especially nothing special. None of the previous Assassin's Creed games had problems with their NPCs and they ran on weaker machines with weaker CPUs (whether or not the PS3's CELL is weaker is debatable). This game looks to use very similar AI and it's for the new consoles only, but supposedly it's being bottlenecked by the higher core CPU. That's BS.

They could get it to a higher resolution if they want without sacrificing anything, but they're choosing not to for no good reason.

badz1491141d ago

And are you saying a 1080p game can't be good? Why? Because it's all graphics?

OrangePowerz1141d ago

If a game can run in 1080p it should run in 1080p and not get downgraded because the other console can't run it in that resolution. Parity is a stupid thing. The games should run as good as possible on each console and not get gimped down because one is weaker. Nothing to do with 1080p being more important than anything else.

d3nworth11141d ago

If the ps4 was able to do 1080p but they chose to reduce the resolution then the patch wouldn't affect the NPC count nor A.I.

Why o why1141d ago

Project my friend.....

Seems ubi knew a camp would be on extreme damage control

CaptainSellers1141d ago

Or maybe the PS4 can have both since it's clearly more powerful than the Xbox One?

OrangePowerz1141d ago

Why would they lose out on these things? They didn't lost out on that in the other games that run at a higher res on PS4 including Black Flag. The producer himself said that they gimped the res on purpose because the other one wouldn't be able to run in 1080p.

Antifan1141d ago

No version it is then.
Don't waste your money.

GunsAndTheBeast1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

when will people know the parity clause that M$ made in their parity policy? This is like last-gen, exclusive games on PS3 is better looking than the 360s. everybody knows that, except for the in denial fanboys.

This is why some people call the 360 and xbox one 'common denominator'. It basically means, the 360/xbox one can't handle what ps4 can. so, they had to downgrade to match what the 360/xbox one can do.

it is also because of parity policy from M$. And this is not even a new thing. But a lot of people don't know about it. I guess the #PS4noParity should do the work, raising awareness.

Gamers suffer in the end.

rainslacker1141d ago

I don't think MS has much room to stand with the parity clause this gen. If PS4 manages to keep outselling it, without having a parity clause at all, then MS will have to concede that some games won't have parity if they want to keep getting 3rd party games on the system.

Anyhow, the parity clause was about content, and not really about graphics/performance parity. This change...if the PS4 version truly was gimped...would be more likely due to MS marketing the game, and part of that agreement was resolution parity.

Despite my concerns over this issue, I still haven't determined if the PS4 version has in fact been gimped, or if the devs just could never get to their target 1080/60 for it.

n4rc1141d ago

This parity clause excuse is getting a little silly...

Tons of games are shipping at different resolutions.. But suddenly one is the same and you all go back to it.. (Even tho that not what the supposed clause meant anyways)

Just makes me shake my head...

UnHoly_One1141d ago

I can't believe that anyone actually believes this line of crap.

There is no part of their "parity policy" that governs graphics in any way, shape, or form.

The policy is designed to keep games from launching on other platforms EARLIER than on Xbox, or with additional FEATURES.

Contrary to what Sony fanboys think, 1080p is not a feature, and doesn't inherently make a game better than the other versions, so MS can't enforce parity in that regard.

If they could, then how do you explain all of the other games with resolutions differences in the past year? Including CoD, a game that has been synonymous with Xbox for years.

This theory is ridiculous, and it's a sad thing that it has ANY agrees at all.

breakpad1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Ubisoft games (AsCR, WatchD, Far cry..) for some reason never appealed to me they feel very uninspired and cheap made and their strategy with their Day one DLC is clear stealing ...i never bought Crapisoft games i never will ...and i m happy that now gamers start to understand how rotten Ubisoft is

quaneylfc1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Ohhh hello, is that a...normal person commenting?

This so called debate is over insecurity, people pay hundreds on a new console and instantly relish what is good and bad to justify their purchase.

Sony is now worse than Microsoft in terms of fanboyism because their are more Sony console owners yet Microsoft gets daily abuse from the same people and no website tries to do anything about it.
I'm going to get 100 disagrees now because of this comment alone.

People who are fixated on the praise of one console and the downfall of another aren't gamers, they are the worst type of people. Consumers that will be brainwashed into doing anything a company says because they pretended to listen to them once when all they did was project the outcome of Drm like any normal person did.

Don't worry, MS are as bad, they did start the whole DRM stuff after all but people just need to open their eyes, it's not like both consoles are made by family owned companies.

SilentNegotiator1140d ago

LOL, you're really going to fall for that ridiculous PR-formulated excuse? They already told us that it was to avoid debate.

Ps4 has plenty of extra power to do the same thing Xbone is doing at 900p, but in 1080p.

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MitchellK1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

I think ubisoft did go for parity on this game but I don't understand the people assuming that unity should run at 1080p on ps4 just because black flag did. Black flag was cross gen and, based on the things I've seen, unity looks a lot better and has more going on.
If ubi could have got it to 1080p without compromise but didn't just to make it equal to the Xbox one then that sucks, but if they would have had to compromise, I would rather have better ai and more on screen at 900p then less at 1080

George Sears1141d ago

Yeah but, that producers quote though.

MitchellK1141d ago

I'm not ignoring that, just don't want ps4 gamers making developers think that 1080p is more important than detail and on screen activity. The parity thing sucks if that's what they did, just for me detail is more important than rez, don't want the wrong message being sent.

George Sears1141d ago

I agree with what you said before though. It just seems in the case of Unity, this is not what happened if we judge what the producer stated.

Lawboy21141d ago

Bubble up Mitchell well thought out and logical...and I agree

die_fiend1141d ago


' don't understand the people assuming that unity should run at 1080p on ps4 just because black flag did'

Let me help. If it runs at 900p on Xbox One...and the PS4 is more powerful...guess what - people expect it to look better. I feel like a charity writing this.

GundalfDeGrej1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

The Videogamer preview mentioned significant slowdowns. All the new gameplay is X1 footage so that's probably the version they played. The PS4 version could still be the definitive console experience.

starchild1141d ago

But is resolution the only way one version can look better than another? Of course not. There are countless elements that comprise a game's visual makeup.

Do you any of you have any proof that both versions are equal across the board? Because if you don't, all of your stampeding may be for nothing.

MRMagoo1231141d ago


But whats if it isnt better in any way at all? its better to complain before it happens not after it happens, the xbone was proof of that, could you imagine if everyone just sat on their hands and said nothing, the xbone sales would probably be half of what they are now.

THC CELL1141d ago

Hope they don't do this with devision and rainbow or il be very annoyed, ubisoft has just made everyone hate xbox that little bit more now

Gamerbeyond1141d ago

what did bush say " fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice.... we cant get fooled again".

IrishSt0ner1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Speak for yourself, I like Xbox, even with that weak ass jaguar CPU.

n4rc1141d ago

Ps4 uses the same CPU.. Lol

Robearboy1141d ago

Isn't the issue to do.with the cpu and not the gpu, that'll is what I read.on the statement released from ubi?

uth111141d ago

well that's what they claimed after they made the parity comment and the internet blew up. It sounds like damage control to me.

Allsystemgamer1141d ago

Ubisoft heads already stated theyre aimg for parity to "avoid the debates and stuff"

ShutUpDonny1141d ago

They make a ton of great games every year. What other company have that track record? For my part I won't let 180p stop me from playing Unity and Far Cry 4 this year.