'FIFA 15' - the Good, the Bad and the Damn Ref

Analog Addiction writes, "It’s that time of year again, the annual release of a new FIFA with new things we love, but also hate. Every FIFA fan eagerly anticipates just what the new systems are going to offer to your gameplay, and how they will either improve you, or make you break your 23rd controller. After playing it for many hours since release, here are some ten highlights which either drastically improve the game, or continue to hinder it."

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philm871327d ago

Another fifa article from someone who is clearly frustrated because they suck at the game. Don't really agree with any of the issues here. Refs are perfectly fine, keepers are a big improvement. Defending is spot on, it should be too easy to tackle an opponent, it should take a bit of skill and timing, which fifa gets right. The thing about defenders catching strikers? Strikers have to control the ball so can't run at full pace with it, also the defender will use their strength.

listenkids1327d ago


I am by no means a bad player, division 3 at the moment in seasons and division one in pro clubs, but the game is far from perfect.

The keepers are advertised as improved, and they are to some degree, but shoot from range and 9/10 you will beat him because he assumes it's over.

You can beat defenders a lot of the time too, with pace, that's why we have pace abusing users on FUT, like every forum post complains about.

As for the ref, go check the Fifa reddit with the endless amounts of videos and gifs of how funny the red cards, penalties and even some offsides have been given, it's so ludicrous it's borderline depressing.

The gameplay is solid, but broken, like every Fifa.

Don't talk wet.

jukins1327d ago

Couldn't agree more. I've seen some pretty bad ai in defending and goalkeeping especially. Not to mention the bad refs. Who will let me get slide tackled all game make no calls but if the games on the line an an opponent is in the box and you touch him red card and penalty kick. This has actually happened my last 4 games.

Derajcan21327d ago

keepers are a big improvement? you couldnt be so wrong lol.

2pacalypsenow1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

So having the CPU defender be faster than my striker with 90 Speed so he can catch up to me mean I suck?

And if i had a $1 for every time The cpu midfield player wiped out my player with a shove or a knee and no foul called i would have a lot of money

Also the CPU Defense is on point unlike My defense no matter how many good defenders i have they just stand around unlike the cpu defender who swarms your players

1nsomniac1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

The only real fault with the current FIFA is the ref/fouls. They're fundamentally broken on every level.

Once you understand that it actually plays like real (simulation) football. The goalkeeping, the defence, the pace, they're all edging on to perfect. Although since the day 1 patch they have IMO broken the goalkeeping a little by making them stupid again & because of that it effects the new animations as well.

The fouls are completely broken though. You get stuck on people when you win the ball & it doesn't let you go until the CPU has retrieved the ball back. A CPU player will run directly into you while you have the ball at full speed knocking you flying into a somersault & the ref will give them a free kick & you a card. Sometimes in career mode you will get random news events that your PRO player was sent off with a red card & he's actually never been involved in any foul at all. It's the biggest drawback currently in FIFA without a doubt.

Ryanbob1327d ago

I was the one who wrote this article, but i don't think you've played enough to actually notice the differences. In some ways the keepers are improved, they are a bit harder to score against in open play. However when it comes to corners they aren't good at all. They have their back facing the play so the attacker can just do a simple header into the goal. Refs are definitely not fine, they are quite broken at the moment. Too many stupid fouls, soft penalties and lack of awarding actual free kicks. Defending is much harder, simply because it's so easy to get through most of the time. And no, I don't suck at the game at all, these are just some things I have noticed, which you can see other people have noticed too.

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Derajcan21327d ago

totally agree with the article, biggest problem for me is goalie positioning, and the kick off noob move.... still love the game but they seriously screwed up the keepers