Tom Clancy’s The Division Interview with Game Director Ryan Barnard [Capsule Computers]

Zac Elawar of Capsule Computers writes:

"Tom Clancy’s The Division is a game that impresses with every showing, teaching us a tad more about it every time. At this year’s EB Games Expo, I learnt more about the game than I expected to. Our hands-off preview, soon-to-be-published, will elucidate further, but our interview with game director Ryan Barnard clarified some common questions as well. We talk about exactly how the team at Ubisoft Massive defines the title, the inspiration behind the premise and setting, and most importantly details behind the MMO features and character progression."

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Ra30301294d ago

The Division is the reason I went next gen with the PS4. But it seem Ubisoft has no clue what their doing and will never release this pipe dream and even if they did the PS4 version would be gimped down so much to look the same as the X1 version it would be like the other Ubisoft title AC and unplayable.