TinyScreen, probably the smallest console in the world

TinyScreen reminds us somewhat the Game Boy Micro Nintendo model first launched in 2004. The device has an OLED screen and be able to deliver 16-bit image color.

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ArtificiallyYours1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I'd rather a standard, one-line display calculator being experimented for simple games or text adventures. :P

This is more of a demonstration on the lengths of display tech today, rather than a conventional device. Honestly this isn't as much of a waste of time as converting cassette tapes into a DJ scratcher, and people are entertained by weird gadgets all the time. :P

parentsbasement1323d ago

as long as it's 1080p / 60 fps im in...

hkgamer1323d ago

quite a funny gimmick, but definitely not worth the cost.

why would i want a 96x64 video screen that displays 16bit colour? cant read anything, cant watch anything.

video game screen? a little fun idea, but with no proper casing and no proper games whats the point?

same as smartwatch. a fun idea, but with that money spent i rather buy a proper smartwatch. that actually has a case and strap.

definitely something for tech geeks that love opening things up or modding stuff, but not sure if they will hit their kickstarter budget.

Relientk771323d ago

Who would buy this?, I definitely wouldn't

the screen is way too small

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