Pro-gaming team banned: "Too good to be girls"

An all-female pro-gaming team has reportedly been disqualified from a Dota 2 competition because they're too good at the game. Organisers at the recent Girls Wars SEA event felt that one of the members of team Dolls plays the game "like a boy", and has kicked the whole team out of the contest.

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CourierSix1410d ago

Wow...this is pathetic, are we really doing crap like this? 'plays the game "like a boy"' Seriously? You know I bet if this article gets approved I'll get heaps of dislikes but it needs to be said. As gamers we should be shutting down this chauvinistic attitude. Minority or not this is appalling. Why can guys be the only 'good' gamers?

caseh1410d ago

You need to read into it a little more.

They released a statement where the girl in question has openly admitted her boyfriend plays on her account and how her play style in that match wasn't consistent with how she usually plays.

There were actually a few reasons that led to the teams DQ, not just that.

Septic1409d ago

I thought as much. I knew I shouldn't have taken the title at face value.

Guitardr851409d ago


Yeah, you have to read the article. I was upset until I started reading a little deeper. It appears this was an all girls gaming expo to begin with so they weren't only kicked out because they were female. Apparently, "playing like a boy" was utilized (probably as a bad choice of words) as there were quite a few weird things going on with this team (i.e. not turning over important gaming data, dramatic change in play styles, and confirmation that one of the girls boyfriends had used her account multiple times, possibly supporting the fact that her boyfriend was playing instead of her, thus "playing like a boy". The disqualification kinda makes sense after reading through it.

Lord_Sloth1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Let's just blame DotA for this for now.

Actually, let's blame the language barrier, as Fireseed pointed out below.

Magicite1410d ago

thats the most retarded reason they could come up. this is DOTA, not some online shooter.

Bdub20001409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Clearly you didn't read the article... More often than not, these huge debates get started because of the Article Title, not the actual content.

Read the article, then make an educated statement.

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SpiralTear1410d ago

Screw this tournament. If these players are good at games and they're in a game tournament, they shouldn't be punished for being really good at it, especially if it's for a lousy, stupid, ridiculous reason like that.

Spenok1409d ago

Far too many people don't read articles... Read it, and you will understand.

Since most people don't read articles, and still comment on them, YET KNOW people put misleading/sensationalized article titles I have to ask. Why even comment on them and make yourself look foolish?

SpiralTear1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Fun fact: If you look at when I posted the first comment, you'd understand that that update was not there at the time I posted it. I read the whole story last night, and while the reasoning behind this decision is different than the article originally listed, the tournament owners are still at fault.

If there was a breach of ruling and there was an outside party involved, and the tournament owners knew it prior to letting this go (which by the context, they did), they shouldn't have let them play at all instead of letting this brew like that.

Why even comment on my comment if you don't know the context and circumstances in which I posted it, where I did not have information then that we do now? Think about that for a while.

EdoubleD1410d ago

Come on...we don't need something like this right now.
Goddamn tourneys setting us back.

Spenok1409d ago

As I, and several others have said above.... read the article.

Scatpants1410d ago

Wow, since playing a video game doesn't require any physical ability they are basically saying a girl isn't smart enough to play like that.

Wni01410d ago

because dota takes what 60 apm?

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