3DS Home Menu Theme Download Code Option Included

Although the Nintendo 3DS Theme Store allows redeeming of Home Menu theme download codes, Nintendo hasn't announced plans to distribute any.

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Iltapalanyymi1293d ago

i really hope persona q gets a theme.

RosweeSon1292d ago

Great little update today, And slightly off topic but Smash Bros Wii U has a release date in Europe At least so far not sure on other regions, U.K/Europe get it on the 5th December and the Amiibo's come out the week before for some reason, also they are doing a bundle of the game and the mario figure as well as the one with the gamecube controller adapter, shame they haven't announced a mega bundle with the game gamecube controller adapter the smash bros themed controller and maybe 2 figures mario for sure and maybe another one? I'd grab it ;) on the whole tho a great day for Nintendo and not a resolution gate in site!

Paprika1292d ago

Nice update today. Prices seem relatively fair too. I just hope for more themes now. Bravely default etc