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It's been a while since the xenomorph was worth being scared of, and while Alien: Isolation runs a little long, it's a hellacious ride.

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aliengmr1410d ago

This is classic survival horror. Exactly how an Alien game should be.

starchild1410d ago

You should know, you're an alien gamer. ;)

Game looks awesome, seriously. I can't wait to play it.

Meltic1410d ago

so far the game is good. Haven't seen the Alien yet but the backround sound is Amazing and scaring. pipes and alarms is making sounds and people screaming and running away. Ive played 1 hour only so far soo good. And not too mention the game isnt so demanding on youre hardware on the PC.

starchild1410d ago

Good to know. I should be getting it pretty soon for PC. What kind of framerate do you think I should expect to get with an i5 2500k and GTX 770?

Pozzle1410d ago

I think you've just convinced me to buy this Meltic!

Allsystemgamer1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


I expect nearly 100fps lol

I'm running on a laptop on ultra in 1080p with a 780m and never dips below 60!

It runs like butter going downhill in a desert. It's very well optimized.

ABBAJESUS1410d ago

Starchild I have intel 4770k, 16GB ram and 470GTX and the game looks great on 1080p! If it runs on ps3 and 360 it will also run on older PC's.

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TarZ1410d ago

That honour belongs to the place Where the shadows lie!

Daghbuz- ishi makha gulshu darulu!

etownone1410d ago

20 hours of game play...
If only that was a good thing... But I keep hearing repetitive.

Either way, I'm getting this game.

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