Mighty No. 9 Backers Must Choose Between Japanese or English Voice Acting

The game will have voice acting, but only for one language.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1408d ago

Japanese voice acting with English sub-titles?
Special moves sound cooler when they're shouted in Japanese, for some reason, and battle voices overall sound more awesome as well.
Just my opinion...

Jaqen_Hghar1408d ago

judging by Japanese subbed anime vs english dubbed anime...a man chooses JAPANESE! Their voices are naturally badass it seems (though DBZ did a good job but that was awhile ago)

randomass1711408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I'd like being able to choose both but as long as the acting is decent I usually lean toward English.

jonatan2211408d ago

Agreed, if they can get good English voice actors, then I prefer they go this route.

Plus, I believe more people know english than japanese (I'm talking about countries not including japan or usa).

Fireseed1408d ago

English! Never really been a fan of reading subbs but then again given the number of anime avatars I see on this site, I already accept that this is going to be a very unpopular opinion.

ValKilmer1408d ago

Japanese for life.

Just look at what English did to One Piece.

SleepingHero1408d ago

It totally relaunches one piece! It's so good now! You suck

ValKilmer1408d ago

You're right, the voice acting and rap intro was amazing.

Not sure what I was thinking.

LightDiego1408d ago

If ValKimer wants japanese, i say let's go with japanese.

Castle3331408d ago

Funimation re did the dubbing for one piece. It's actually pretty good. You are probably talking about the 4kids dubbing, that one sucks.

randomass1711408d ago

4Kids dubbed the one you're familiar with. Funimation's dub is much better. :)

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tontontam01408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I have no problem with English dub as long as they hire the same people who dubs disney animations.

Those voice actors who dubs japanese games and animes with exceptions like Full Metal Alchemist sucks, most of them have an irritating voice.

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The story is too old to be commented.