What's With The Xbox One And Its Randomly Disconnecting Controllers?

We Got This Covered wrote:

Being an early adopter of any kind of new technology comes with risks of defects and glitches. We all know that, and we live with it when we make such purchases out of either necessity or want and interest. However, there’s no denying that such issues can be incredibly frustrating – if that’s even a strong enough word.

As a video game reviewer, I’m often responsible for using the latest consoles and handhelds to test the industry’s biggest, best and most talked-about video games. It can be very fun, however, it also comes with the requirement that I become an early adopter. That’s not something I mind, per se, because as a gamer I want to be able to play what’s new and exciting without having to wait. I usually don’t have any problems with this, but there is one issue that has kept me up at night on quite a few occasions. That is, a problem with the Xbox One, Microsoft’s latest and greatest console gaming device.

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Snookies121378d ago

Huh, didn't know this was an issue... Was at my friend's the other day, and his controller (the one he got with the Day One console) did that twice. Wasn't a huge problem or anything, but it was kind of weird.

Naga1377d ago

My Day One controller did this so many bloody times that I bought a new one... The new one has NEVER done it. I'm thinking it was a bad manufacturing batch on the first run.

Lou-Cipher1378d ago

I have had this problem several times, it also drains the batteries way to fast, even when the controller isn't on.

Im very annoyed at how fast the PS4 controllers lose juice, but at least I can charge them, and don't wind up paying a ton of money for batteries.

Both Sony and Microsoft need to up their game when it comes to battery life, and Ms needs to fix their disconnect issues with the Xone controller.

Gunstar751378d ago

Buy rechargeable batteries. Mine last ages and when they are about to die, I just swap 'em over.

Rob Hornecker1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Might I suggest using rechargeable battires? You can get a setup with 4 aa battires and a charger for less the $20.00. I would go broke if I had to buy battires for every thing that uses them in my house.

OldDude1378d ago

Or you can buy in controller charge stand for about the same price and they are included. I paid $19.99 for my X1 controller charge stand.

TheHip141377d ago

It's not the batteries. It does it with brand new batteries, partially used batteries (that were once new in the controller) and the Play 'n Charge Kit battery.

OldDude1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Operator error would be my guess. If it were common the PS4 boys would be all over it.

IrishSt0ner1377d ago

Something must be faulty, I say that as I've had an Xbox since Novemeber and my controller hasn't disconnected once. Plenty of other semi-annoying glitches, that isn't one of them for me.

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