Dragon Age: Inquisition - Here Is Your First Look At The PC Version With Max Settings

Dragon Age: Inquisition is almost upon us and YouTube’s member ‘rechyyy (clayman90)’ has shared a video showing 9 minutes from the PC version.

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spartanlemur1412d ago

Agh....the high-definition social justice is burning my eyes!!!

In all seriousness, the graphics are looking great!

starchild1412d ago

It's beauuuutiiifuuul. Seriously, it looks nice. I can't wait for this game. It's going to have to hold me over until The Witcher 3.

Volkama1412d ago

Recommend a G2A pre-order if you haven't already. £22.50 I think I got it for, and so far they have always delivered a key on launch day.

I have high hopes for Dragon Age, but the limited clips I've seen looked a bit more 3rd person action than I'd like. I hope the party and strategy mechanics are still a key feature.

antikbaka1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

why this game needs a tactic pause? they just faceroll every enemy...

xPhearR3dx1412d ago

Because this is an easy difficulty. If you've ever played DA:Origins, you'd know Nightmare difficulty is no joke.

antikbaka1412d ago

I would never compare origin to this one or previous money grabber

xPhearR3dx1411d ago

I agree DA:2 was an attempt to money grab on the casuals, but until we play DA:I, you can't really judge. By the "looks" of it, Bioware seems to have gotten their shit together. Despite EA, Bioware (aside from DA2) has an excellent track record, yes, including ME3 which was and still is an amazing game, just a horrible ending. So based off the previews and demos we've seen, I'm going to give Bioware the benefit here and pick up DA:I. DA2 on the other hand just looked downright bad, then the demo dropped and proved my suspicion. Time will tell, but I have a good feeling about this one.

kiz26941412d ago

Nice to see they have added controller support for the PC version :)

anticlimax1412d ago

Look at pc version... with a controller. Still haven't seen a single vid of Inquisition played in full isometric mode for longer than a fight. Don't even think I saw it with KB+M at all.

antikbaka1412d ago

'cause they don't care about PC. Bioware is just spoiled

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