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FM: "Through a combination of an oppressive atmosphere, the original musical score and a really, really good narrative, Alien: Isolation is the game we all hoped it would be."

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SnakePlissken1414d ago

Just encountered the alien for the first time last night, after a couple hours of tensity!

The pacing is awesome and they nailed the true Alien experience this time! This is the Alien game we real fans have been waiting for, finally I think they got it right!

ThanatosDMC1414d ago

I honestly could not find what's so good about the alien in this game. Most retarded alien ever. Everything else in the game is great especially the graphics and the atmosphere, but it was the alien in the game that sucked ass. Aliens see by pheromones and what not but this one must have been the reject of the colony.

SnakePlissken1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Watch the 79 film Alien and then get back to me! Along with Jaws, the first Alien movie is still said to be one of the scariest and best horror films of all time!

You actually have no idea what you're saying and should be banned from this site for speaking such clueless nonsense! Talk about retarded, look at your avatar!!!

ThanatosDMC1413d ago

I love the Aliens movies, Predator movies, and AvP movies. If you thinks this walking alien who keeps using doors constantly is acceptable, then i completely disagree with you.

Personal attack to my bowl cut avatar. Nice. Best comeback ever.