The new Unreal Engine will bring eerily realistic skin and shadows to your games

"It hasn't been hard to produce realistic-looking skin in computer-generated movies, but it's much harder to do that in the context of a game running live on your console or PC. That trip to the uncanny valley is going to be much easier in the near future, though, thanks to the impending arrival of Unreal Engine 4.5."

The new update will add a new approach for Screen-space Subsurface Scattering using the technic presented a year ago by Jorge Jimenez:

It will also add Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows for more accurate glitch-free shadows and now Mobile games can handle dynamic shadows for movable directional lights.

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PLASTICA-MAN1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

The new update brings Jorge Jimenez approach about Screen-space Subsurface Scattering:

The best way to compare is to compare apples to apples:

When I see this in Thief (using the latest version of UE3 that is heavily modified and can be counted among the best versions):


(Oh BTW, in Thief and in the same stance of the pic the sahdows are flickering when you look carefully when you are playing unlike what you will get with UE4 next update)

Then seeing this in UE4 (made by one person btw):

You can really expect a bright future for UE4.

Metallox1297d ago

That last video looks incredible.

mochachino1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

I hope so, too many game shadows are still flickery and low res in places on these next-gen consoles.

I though bad shadows would be a thing of the past. But at least they're worlds better than PS3/360 shadows. They were so dithered and blocky/flickery at times I thought the game may have looked better without the shadows.


Yes I totally agree, since the first time games started casting dynamic shadows with MGS2 which was a neat feature at that time but it was spoiled by the flickering and pixelation, these joy spoiling glitches never got repaired or at least improved even in recent games. Seeing how the new UE4.5 update handles it now with a mathematically accurate way (see the pics in the official Unreal Engine site in credit URL), you will be amazed how realistic shadows look now and even thrilled (stealth or horror games now can use it in an efficient and atmospheric way).

Roccetarius1296d ago

Unfortunately, The Evil Within didn't get the chance to use this to their advantage, because they went with that mess called IDTech 5.

LightofDarkness1296d ago

MGS2 wasn't the first game to use dynamic shadows, I believe that was Severance. And MGS2 only used it in a few places.

johny51296d ago

Makes me happy Kingdom Hearts switched to UE 4. Now we get Pixar quality shadows!!!

ninjahunter1296d ago

Uncanny valley here we come!