PlayStation Unchained 56: Which game deserves to be Game of the Year?

PlayStation Unchained returns this week with host Ben Shillabeer-Hall (who apologizes for being rather quiet this week), Mike Harradence, and Dane Smith and a lot of interesting discussion topics. From Tomb Raider to Call of Duty to Janitor Simulator, we have plenty to discuss this week.

One topic is the Game of the Year award. Destiny and Watch Dogs were both very highly anticipated, but failed to hit the mark to match the mania. What game do you believe deserves to be game of the year for 2014?

Join us next week for episode 57!

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Chaos_Raiden1235d ago

Interesting podcast. Thanks for the share.

My personal pick is Dark Souls II. It is an amazing game that is both rewarding and punishing to the right players.

Tex1171235d ago

It has been a rather weak year all things considered.

That said

Dark Souls 2, Shadow of Mordor, and potentially (since it isn't out yet..)Dragon Age Inquisition.

Masterh0ppa1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

At the moment there is only one contender which is FH 2. with shadow of mordor right behind it.