Is The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Coming to Wii U?

Hardcore Gamer: The rocky road between Nintendo and the creators of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth has been clearly documented, marking a 3DS version of the game as a potentially lost cause. The Wii U, however, could be an entirely different story.

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ValKilmer1260d ago

It seems like Wii U is becoming a home for avant grade indie games.

Nevers0ft1260d ago

IIRC the original reason for this not hitting the eShop was due to the religious under(over?)tones to the game. Maybe Nintendo is slowly but surely removing the stick from its butt :) Whilst I realise Nintendo is a family entertainment company first, I don't see the harm in doing games with adult themes and slapping a "mature" rating on them.

(and that's what I'll be telling myself later on this month when I find myself pausing Bayonetta 2 so I can get a better look at her cameltoe - I'm so mature it hurts!)