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8BitChimp says, "Alien: Isolation contains a collaboration of nostalgia, terror and universal exhilaration. The narrative begins with overwhelming promise, thrusting our protagonist into the aforementioned isolation within the space station Sevastopol. Atmosphere is tremendously abundant, accompanied by a remarkable use of sound and score, oppressing and frightful in those first footsteps aboard the Sevastopol. While U.K. developer Creative Assembly crafts a distinctive vibe that calls back to Ridley Scott’s original 1979 film in more ways than one, the overarching journey is one that ultimately becomes muddled and bemused. By no means is Alien: Isolation a poor game, but it does unfortunately develop into a disappointing experience."

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Ashunderfire861326d ago

Read the review and this guy put a negative for load times, some framerate drops, and choppiness from cutscenes. I think we can all blame that on parity for the last gen consoles. This is a cross gen game after all, but doesn't deserve a score as low as that. Well at least it is not the lowest score. Cuff Cuff ign.