Is the 3DS a suitable platform for Super Smash Bros.?

Everyone is stoked for a new Smash, but is the 3DS truly a good home for this fighter?

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Metallox1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

No, the 3DS version shouldn't exist, it's just cash-grab from Nintendo; the stick doesn't work, there's lag even in the local multiplayer, there are no Ice Climbers due to the existence of the 3DS version, the graphics are horrible, that exclusive mode is ugly and some stuff of the game runs at 30 FPS. Unacceptable.

Everybody should get the Wii U version instead, where the real experience is. Neither Hyrule Warriors and those Season Pass for that game and Mario Golf Tour should exist, sorry guys.

crusf1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

For the love of god there is only so much you can do with a handheld device. Sakurai and his team have done an impressive job of making it possible with what was given to them. You bashing to game for it's short comings due to hardware limitations is unfair and sad.

live2play1321d ago

I'm split. I did want a portable smash. It would make waiting in midnight premieres, dr office or any long queue.
I can wait for the wife while she shops or wait for a movie to start since I go to a lot of midnight premieres.

BUT I would have preferred if it was a separate game from the wii u version. Because ultimately the 3ds version did hold it back.

slivery1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

About all I agree with is the 3DS version holding the Wii U version back, the circle pad isn't the most suitable thing for any fighting game (they should have allowed the use of the d-pad) and the multiplayer can be pretty laggy sometimes but for me it's rare and miles better than it was in Brawl.

Other than that it works perfectly for a handheld game. To say the graphics are horrible is a huge understatement, amazingly this game almost looks as good as PS All Stars on the PS Vita and it's by far the best looking 3DS game ever made. The 3D looks amazing as well and it adds a completely new depth to the maps too. It also isn't lacking what Smash Bros. is, everything is so fluent and the animations are brilliantly done just as in any console version.

I mean there isn't a game on the 3DS that pushes the hardware this badly. I'm amazed at how good it looks for such a low resolution screen also given the 3DS's components.

I was really on the fence about it myself and I was going to just buy the Wii U version, but after the demo I was sold. It's portable Smash Bros. and I don't think you could ask for much more other than some small improvements here and there. Handhelds are never as comfortable to play as a console anyway, so most of the negatives against the game are mainly just because it is on a handheld not because it is a bad version.

On top of the Wii U version not even being out yet, so who knows how the online will be in the Wii U version, it could suffer from the same lag at times as this one does, I know Mario Kart 8 has the same issues. You really can't do much about people with crappy internet who insist on playing online games to ruin it for the rest of us.

TheZeroReview1321d ago

It's clearly a cash grab, its just such a shame that now people's experiences will be colored by this first impression.