Destiny's Iron Banner Crucible Event Explained: How to Earn the New Gear

8CN: As the Queen's Wrath event draws to a close tonight, it's time to turn our attention to the next Destiny event: The Iron Banner. The Iron Banner is a one-week Crucible event that's taking the kid gloves off for PvP, removing all of the level balancing and allowing Guardians to compete with all of their abilities and upgraded stats.

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C L O U D1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

I like how I'm going to have to approach the matches with a different strategy compared to the Crucible.

With a level 26 Hunter using a Primary weapon of a Shingen-E and a Legendary Sniper Rifle, it looks like I'm going to have to sneak around the map and get as much headshots and blink strikes as possible...

Im Solid Snaking this mode from the higher levels and Exotic Weapon users...

Jimboms1322d ago

Good article mate, love Destiny so much!

HugoDrax1322d ago

I'm ready to go :-)

Level 29 warlock
- With 2 FWC weapons, and 3 exotic weapons, I should fair pretty well. My stats in the standard crucible are 25+ kills a game, and between 5-10 deaths a game. Simply because some exotic weapons are overpowered, but that's what this Iron Banner event is for. Good luck everyone.

Lawboy21322d ago

Ill see u there level 29 hunter

4 exotics
Countless legendary s

1.5 kd reglar crucible

BattleTorn1322d ago

I only have 1 Legendary weapon. (The Supremacy, sniper)

But I have all Legendary/1Exotic armor.

I might have a bad time...

JeffGUNZ1322d ago

I have to believe completing matches would also raise the iron banner reputation, no?

pompombrum1322d ago

My friend said you need to win matches to raise iron banner rep, can't confirm myself though.

Bountyvb1322d ago

Yeah you get 25 reputation for winning and 10 for a loss. Just like the regular Crucible rep

Spinal1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

I'm only lvl 25 warlock but I will certainly be giving it my all. I'm happy finally a pvp event has come up didn't enjoy the queens event cause I'm not into pve.

I'm gonna go hard on this one! All out warfare I'm kinda excited about being at a disadvantage.

Lawboy21322d ago

I totally agre...bungie pissed me off with queens event taking away my ability to farm shards

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