Destiny – The Lack of Matchmaking Is Inexcusable

Pixel Gate UK writes:

''There’s nothing worse than seeing a well respected developer lower their standards and begin to produce poor, half finished, products. It’s always easy to pick up on a half arsed effort in any form of media be it music, film or video games. Bungie were once known for producing quality video games, technically accomplished, well rounded, pure quality. Bungie’s fantastic run has been whole heartily brought to end with the release of Destiny, a true example of what happens when you pump big bucks into a game and rush it out to meet a pre-holiday release window.''

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r3f1cul1383d ago

everytime i play destiny... im just sitting there scratching my head wondering what bungie spent almost 10 years doing in this game... it just feels so empty on many fronts... :/

philm871383d ago

Might be because they've been making it for 2 years mate. They've got a contract for 5 games over 10 years. People keep going on about the big budget for the game, but I'm pretty sure I heard it was the total for the 5 games over 10 years.

WombBat1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

theyve had more than 2 years.
halo reach was released in like 2009 and they said they were working on it before that

r3f1cul1381d ago

Destiny's destiny: Bungie's decade-long plan to succeed Halo. Gaming. Halo-creator Bungie, the next ten years started about five years ago when the Washington, US-based developer left a clue about its next franchise on an in-game poster in Halo 3: ODST.... thats a direct quote from a bungie source... MATE.... and i get the 10 year cycle, that is not what i was talking about at all...

PainUzumaki1383d ago

No matchmaking makes the game extremely boring bc you cant chat and meet new ppl....I always have to go to the tower to ask ppl to raids with me which sucks

rhap1383d ago

I've been playing less and less because of that. I don't know many people who plays Destiny and it's such a chore to get a group going for Weekly or give a try at Vault of Glass.

Until they implement some kind of MM, I'll probably stay way from the game.

jts18911383d ago

I figured people would've gotten bored of bashing Destiny for clicks by now. Does the author understand that the reason so few people actually have a problem with Destiny is maybe's a good game? Shocking, I know. But maybe, just maybe, not everyone had ridiculous expectations about Destiny. Everything Bungie promised, they delivered.

Jdoki1383d ago

I agree about the needless bashing. And I really like the game

But I'm not sure Bungie delivered on everything. The story seems to have been really scaled back for some reason.

The trailer Bungie showed of multiple FireTeams all converging on a public event to take down a Walker is a very long way from the reality. I rarely see more than 3 people participating in a Public Event - and the only one that is really dynamic and interesting is the Fallen Walker on Earth. Chasing a random enemy through checkpoints is not that fun. Defending a position is OK, but they seem incredibly easy.

Also, no matter how much Bungie call this a 'shared world shooter', it is 100% based on the MMORPG model.

PixelGateUk1383d ago

It's not valid? ok we'll end the conversation now. It's a valid criticism, it's that simple.

PixelGateUk1383d ago

Valid criticism is not 'needless bashing'. I suggest you stop taking it so personally.

''Does the author understand that the reason so few people actually have a problem with Destiny is maybe's a good game?'' That's purely subjective, and when did the author say the game was 'bad'? never.

Again, i suggest you don't take it so personally.

jts18911383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Thing is, it's not 'valid' criticism.

He claims Destiny lacks content, and says it's like a free to play game that took 300 million took millions to make

Nevermind that the average AAA game has maybe 8 to 10 hours of content if you're lucky. Destiny has 16 to 18 content just in it's campaign, not to mention the time you can spend doing patrol missions, gathering raw materials, doing bounties etc.

And of course, anyone who has actually paid attention to Destiny throughout it's development knows that the 300/500 million dollar figure has been shown to be false, numerous times.

And I'm not taking it personally. But when he says:

'Destiny has been a huge commercial success, this does not reflect the games quality however. Bungie spent a long time promising the world to it’s fans. Explore a rich world, play how you want when you want, a brand new experience that combines the staples of Bungie with MMO themes. What we got was half a game missing a number of key features…and not many people seemed fussed…and that’s worrying.'

He is basically saying it's worrying that everyone doesn't share his own personal opinion that the game is bad.

Jdoki1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

I don't think anyone here is taking things personally, except you.

What people are starting to point out is that the media reaction to Destiny has not been the same as the player reaction. And many 'articles' seem intended for clicks rather than debate or information.

I am happy to engage in a rational discussion about the many faults in the game - and any other game for that matter without taking it personally. A tiny fraction of the article is 'valid criticism', and none of it is backed up with analysis or debate - and a great example is that the title is about 'how the lack of match making is inexcusable', and yet that is not addressed at all in the article.

When using language like 'half arsed', 'lowering standards', and 'disgusting' it's not hard to come to a conclusion that the author is saying it's a bad game. Especially when no counterpoints, improvements or constructive criticism (let alone valid criticism) is given.

I say it's a bad article, and it seems you are taking things personally considering your username matches the submitter, and matches the site this irrelevant piece of gutter-press trash comes from - you wouldn't happen to be the author would you!?

UnwanteDreamz1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

No one begging for match making seems to think of how crappy it could be. I do strike playlists and that has matchmaking. About every other mstch I get playefs who sit down and wait for others to complete it for them or I get players who dont go to the objective. Thats fine in strikes but in a Raid one player could ruin the experience for five. If they ever give the cry babies what they want you will see.

PixelGateUk1383d ago

Vote kick system...there, problem solved.

JeffGUNZ1383d ago

What's the harm in making it optional?

Jdoki1383d ago

I hope they add opt-in match making and voice comms, but I can understand why they left it out.

I have played a lot of the Fireteam co-op Strikes where they do have MM, and people have suddenly dropped out (sometimes almost immediately). On two occasions the team had an unlucky wipe, and a player left straight after (I assume some sort of rage quit!).

So if the fairly short Strikes are seeing random people leave, then I can only imagine it would be worse in the harder / longer missions.

I can imagine the complaints if players start seeing a lot of random's leave. And I suspect Bungie would need to build in some sort of reputation system

UnwanteDreamz1383d ago

I just do t think a reputation system would stop trolling.

Jdoki1383d ago

Agreed, but if all the low rep players get lumped in to one Fireteam at least they can only troll each other! :)

philm871383d ago

Yeah can't see the matchmaking working that well on Raids. They might have to implement it so that when you stop you can match with others at the same checkpoint. Can see why they didn't do it with people leaving games etc.

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