Shadow Of Mordor’s Nemesis System Is A Game Changer

Pixel Gate Uk writes:

''Death has become a little bit of a joke in most modern video games. Quick saves, lacking of challenge, the threat and consequences of death are simply not taken into account any more. Sure there’s rare cases of death being seen as a threat in the likes of Dark Souls, Zombie U and Alien: Isolation, but they don’t effect the game world''

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mochachino1407d ago

I've never wanted to get revenge on a non-player character in a game more. It truly succeeded in creating nemesis's. It turned random AI encounters in meaningful villains.

PixelGateUk1407d ago

Amen to that!

helps that they insult you when they kill you as well mind ;)

mkis0071407d ago

And still people try and say its a rip of Assassins creed and Batman. While the similarities are obvious, it has this amazing system to make it stand apart.

crazychris41241407d ago

Tell me about it. I was killed very early in the game by a random AI, he ended up becoming a total badass and get to level 20 by killing me again and chasing me off after trying to kill him several times. Practiced my combat skills and kept upgrading until I finally killed him and 2 more captains in a stronghold assault with the help of some caragors. One of my favorite moments from this game.

starchild1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

This game is badass. The nemesis system makes the game so addictive. Truly one of the freshest things I've seen in a game in some time.

I can guarantee we will see many future games that borrow this system or take inspiration from it.

Redrum0591407d ago

Let me guess, was the orc named something like "____ the crafty"
If so then same here buddy

ATi_Elite1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Similar system in Stalker Clear Sky as the faction mode would produce nemesis ai in other factions.

I always had problems with a certain sniper in the Duty faction as he seemed to follow me around hunting me.

Nemesis and permanent death have been around on the pc for a while and Shadow makes good use of it.

Nice game and I'm enjoying it

mochachino1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

The wheel and engine were around a long time before the car, doesn't mean the creators of those get credit for the automobile. Just like an artist wouldn't give credit to the makers of paint and canvasses.

Monolith applied they're ideas, ingenuity and creative skill to make something new and special. No need to take away from their accomplishment.

JimmyDM901407d ago

A.I. like this could actually be very useful in other games genres besides RPG. Sports for example, you could forge long lasting rivalries between players, teams, racers, fans. The sky is the limit.

A.I. really is an underdeveloped part of games. Thank goodness for Shadow of Mordor.

ramiuk11407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

there are a couple of vetran captains now though that have ranked up due to me dying and they always seem together and its making killing them impossible.

also they all keep getting replaced and im struggling to chop there heads off in fights .

but in terms of gaming,i think its probably the biggest advancement in story in last 4 years(im 33)

user56695101407d ago

Is it really that good? Haven't played it. Watched some gameplay videos on youtube look completely different from when I first saw it.

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Chuk51407d ago

agreed. Monolith has somehow made the most significant advancement in boss design and dynamic systems in years. Mordor is the most next-gen game out right now.

PixelGateUk1407d ago

I'd love to see it in Dragons Dogma 2..combined with the pawn system. Oh the possibilities

Dynasty20211407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Mordor is the most next-gen game since the new consoles came out, and that's just really sad.

The world is a bit too small, highlighting the lack of hardware power, but still, this game somehow feels fresh even though it takes a lot from other games.

The controls are frustrating at times, and the combat is annoying some times too when you hit parry but nothing happens, but man, slaying orcs never felt so good or looked so ***king cool.

It's Assassin's-Batman-Rings.

jhpadilla1407d ago

Imagine this system, but perfected, on an Elder Scrolls Game.... <3
Online be damned! THIS is the system games need!!!!

mkis0071407d ago

beauty of games...just get better with time.

starchild1407d ago

Yeah, like I said above, I bet we will see the nemesis system borrowed in one form or another in many other games. But, hey, that's just part of the evolution of games.

Wni01407d ago

you mean full of glitches and a broken game at launch where we sometimes get a nemesis type system but sometimes that little grunt turns into a level 100 guy who hunts you down no matter what because its bethesda.

Somebody1407d ago

When Shadow of Mordor was first shown everyone accused it as another shameless Batman+Assassin rip off(it's weird that those two games weren't accused of ripping off each other).

Now that the game is out and everyone wants the Nemesis system to be put in every game in existence.

Would anyone dare call the next Elder Scroll/Batman/AC ripping off Shadow of Mordor if they implement their own version of Nemesis? Or would they pick up the thesaurus and look up for more polite words to describe them?

jts18911407d ago

A Game Changer? Not really. I wasn't impressed by it at all. Your character constantly coming back from the dead makes some degree of sense. However, why should a low level Orc survive having his throat slashed open or being gutted? Needless to say, it got boring after killing the same guy three times and the only thing to show for it are some cosmetic changes and an extra line of dialogue.

ibrake4naps1407d ago

It's kinda cool, but i didn't see how it was a big deal either. If i kill some ugly captain ogre he just will eventually be replaced by another ugly ogre guy. Does it even affect the story, ending, etc.?

sipale1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Ghûra The Singer was a level 20 berserk bodyguard that that killed me more times than I can remember. I hated his guts. Having sent him a death threat he was protected by a gang of none other than berserks.After a while I finally managed to isolate him from the group and weaken him enough to brand him and after I killed one of the warchiefs, Ghûra became a warchief and my favorite minion!

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