Kickstarter Weekly: Black The Fall, Elegy for a Dead World, and The Outpost 13

Garrett from The Koalition writes:

Games with desolate settings are often bleak experiences. Black The Fall and The Outpost 13, for instance, both take place on bleak planets that are hostile towards humanity. However, sometimes a little bit of alone time is good for learning about ourselves. For instance, Elegy for the Dead places in an abandoned world where the players are left to figure out what happened and write the story themselves. Regardless of how you feel about games with barren settings, you should find plenty of Kickstarter games worth spending your alone time on.

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SwiffEpics1380d ago

Some interesting games here this week.

MrKennedy1380d ago

This is a great post about kickstarters for games called black the fall, elegy for a dead world and the outpost 13 which is 1 more than 12 and 1 less than 14.

rbailey1380d ago

Some pretty awesome games on this list. Black The Fall kinda looks like Limbo, but I'd def try it out.

Romudeth1380d ago

I need to check some of these out.