Rumor: Is Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Amiibo Coming to Japan on November 1st?

Is Smash Bros for Wii U and Amiibo coming to Japan at the start of November?

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Jaqen_Hghar1297d ago

They better not get it that far ahead of the US! A man would be pissed. He wants this early as possible to enjoy with his roommates Fall semester and hates that the inferior 3DS version has to be released earlier or made at all as it devalues WiiU and delays the WiiU release as development resources go there.

Concertoine1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Why are you always speaking in third person...?

i cant believe any release date until Nintendo confirms. Not even the Nov 21 one. I think its about time for another direct.

MetroidFREAK211297d ago

Lol "inferior" of course it's not going to as good. It's to appeal to a broader audience who never played the series, or for people who don't want to invest in a Wii U. I think the game plays well on the 2DS I have and am glad I picked it up, it will never replace the console versions, but that's a given.

benji1011297d ago

Not true.
On Amazon Japan they are listed as imports from Europe.
The packaging is in English.

Mikito111297d ago

it's out in UK December 5th! Lucky japanese if their date is true!!