Ubisoft's biggest mistake with Assassin's Creed: Unity's PS4/Xbox resolution parity

GotGame writes: Ubisoft made a bigger mistake than the numbers show with the AC: Unity parity on Xbox One and PS4.

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tinynuggins1385d ago

Man, Microsoft and Sony need to sit down together and agree on next gen hardware so we don't have to repeat this fiasco next gen. Make them both the same power so we can get back to talking about games and how they play vs resolutions.

lelo2play1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Somehow I knew opinion pieces would start pouring in sooner or later about Assassin Creed Unity. The biggest mistake N4G has ever done (it's not helping gaming one bit) was accepting these so called "opinion pieces", which are normally written by fanboys, made to fuel fanboy wars and gather hits.
Financially it's good for N4G, they want more hits, it's natural that they will continue accepting these so called "opinion pieces"... but from the gaming perspective ...

xHeavYx1385d ago

You can't call people fanboys when you are a fanboy yourself, besides, you can disagree with someone else's opinion, but that doesn't mean that the other people are fanboys

BillmadeAGate1385d ago

They say Watch Dogs is 900p and no one panics, but they say AC Unity is 900p an everyone looses their minds!!! 

aceitman1385d ago

@BillmadeAGate, do u know that the reason everyone is in an uproar is not for the simple fact of it being 900p max , its beacause the fact that ac blackflag ran 1080p on ps4 and ac unity is 900p because of x1 parity they cant lie about that . how the hell can they go backwards on a game and not do better with it, hell if they got x1 at 900p on blackflag and cant get it 1080p on ac unity with that so called 10% more power what the hell is wrong with the devs , heck even sunset overdrive cant hit 1080p and that's insomniac they are good at making games for them not to hit it there is something going on. and I see no reason y ps4 has to stay in the same seat as x1 when it can move up to 1st class. I have a 65 inch tv and 1080p native looks so sweet and sharp I can tell the difference. im sick of ms holding back playstation already. what the hell it was going so good and now ubisoft wants to pull this crap. they will not get my support.

Baka-akaB1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Debate about parity aside , the problem with that argument above is that it's done under the assumption that Blackflag and Unity are even in the same league graphically . It's like complaining about tekken 6 being 720p when the graphically inferior Tekken 5 Dark resurrection on ps3 ran in 1080p

gootimes1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

The mistake they made was admitting the reason they created parity was due to the controversy and not hardware.

They shouldn't have said anything about it, because now it's even more controversial than the actual hardware debate.

FATHASUN1385d ago


He can call them fanboys if he wants. It takes one to know one. And so what if he is?!? Is it such a crime to be a fan of ones console of choice?

xHeavYx1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

The hell are you talking about?
You can be a fanboy if you want to, but being a fanboy and complaining that other people are fanboys is just stupid , especially if you call someone else fanboy just for having a different opinion

ThunderSpark1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

If Ubisoft believes in so called parity, then why not make it 900p across all three platforms including the PC? This really does look like a cop out and Microsoft fans are celebrating in delusion as usual because to them graphics do not matter hence why they chose to skip this generation and stick with their Xbox 360s. Oh wait.

It makes no sense to argue with Xbox one fans anyway, they still defend Microsoft's controversial DRM policies to death so it only makes sense for them to defend Ubisoft in this matter as well.

However, just as gamers spoke with their wallets and made Microsoft change many of their ways, we will continue to use our wallets to make sure we do not get cheated.

Enemy1385d ago

@ BillmadeAGate: First of all, Watch_Dogs was cross gen. Second, your comment is proof that you have no idea why people are pissed. Unity, as has now been confirmed by Ubicrap, is being held back on PS4 to match the inferior Xbox One port.

Microsoft: Our system is inferior, we know that. But we'll pay you to make the PS4 version, which is supposed to look better by default to due its superior specs, to look worse.

Ubisoft: Ok, show us the money first.

Eonjay1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )


Look we don't like it but don't project that onto Microsoft or Xbox gamers. Ubisoft has failed us all.

BillmadeAGate1385d ago

@Enemy grow a sense of humor bro lol btw I can read a heading sooo I'm pretty sure ik why ppl are pissed.. js 😅

MRMagoo1231385d ago

pre order cancelled this morning on principle, if I want the game I will get it pre owned or dl it for pc from u torrent. thats my receipt.

Anyone that thinks that speaking out is stupid , try to imagine what kind of sales the xbone would be having if it wasnt for ppl complaining about the drm and bs they had planned.

shloobmm31385d ago

In no way can you compare Black Flag to Unity. unity is a massive graphical leap over Black Flag.

morganfell1385d ago


It is the only thing these companies understand. There are so many titles out I can skip a few. I canceled AC Unity, AC Rogue, and Far Cry 4 from my Best Buy preorders.


Death1385d ago

I pre-ordered Unity today and told a few of my friends about the uproar PS4 fans are making over the fact they want gaming held back anther gen so they can dominate.

Typical ignorant response, Black Flag ran at 1080p natively so Unity will too. Black Flag didn't look much different than the PS3 and 360 versions. It shouldn't be much of a struggle to understand an actual next gen game using the upscaler found on both APU's. The bitch is the game is still output at 1080p. Forget that the vast majority of those throwing tantrums wouldn't be able to tell the differance in the first place. This has nothing to do with Ubi, Unity or native resolution. It is 100% the bs entitled mind set that these so called gamers have that drives their superiority complexes. If nothing else the entire anti-parity movement is fueled by the typical PS fans desperate need to make other platforms worse so they can be "superior" and "dominate".

Get a life. This one obviously isn't working very well for you.

starchild1385d ago

I'm so sick of the fanboyism in gaming. It's gone way beyond the point of absurd.

GTgamer1385d ago

-_- you've shown your true colors countless times on this site your an undercover Xbox fanboy that tries to act netrual first you say PS4 is the weakest link smh name one damn multiplatform game that A.I performs better on the Xone with it's so called stronger CPU I'll wait tick tock but hey I can name allot of games that run at a higher resolution because of PS4's stronger GPU (•ิ_•ิ) hmmmmm.

UltimateMaster1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

You know, when there's any form of parity, no ones a winner.
For Xbox to have won something in this resolution would have been for it to be 1080p. This is just an equal lost for both consoles.

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag was also 900p, but then it got updated to get 1080p. I wonder what was their excuse back then? Yet the PS4 can overclock up to 2.75Ghz, so their argument ain't that good.

Ubisoft games are usually very un-optimized even for high-end PC gaming. They really need better programming, because this is insulting even to PC owners.

In a way, because of this CPU limitation, this also reflects on the final product of the PC version by downgrading the number of AIs on the screen as well.

Kumomeme1385d ago

someone not neccesary a fanboy when he or she dissagree a fanboy opinion

for fanboys,stop trying to drag other people down to your level

badz1491384d ago

If Ubisoft wanna play parity, I think I can play parity too. I won't buy the Xbone version because I don't have the Xbone but due to parity reason, I won't be buying it for the PS4 version either. There! Parity achieved!

AndrewLB1384d ago

Thunderspark- How many times does it have to be explained here that Sony had the EXACT SAME DRM planned for the PS4 that Microsoft announced to the public at E3 2013. When Sony saw Microsoft get blasted from both media and gamers, they kept their mouths shut and quietly backtracked on the intrusive DRM, eliminating it via the Day 1 Update.

In fact, Yoshida himself admitted this to be true.

rainslacker1384d ago


If you're going to link an article claiming something to be true because a Sony exec said so, then at least make sure that article has quotes or references to an actual source that exists.

Yoshida said they considered the DRM stuff, but decided not to go with it. At no time did he say when they considered it, nor did he say they decided against it because of MS.

As far as the Camera thing, Sony has never stated that they reversed the decision to beat MS price point. In fact, they said officially that they had a price point in mind, and would have liked to include the camera, but the price point was more important, and they couldn't get there with the camera included.

DragonKnight1384d ago

@AndrewLB: You're a huge disgrace to the name Andrew if you're going to post such obvious stupidity. You think Sony can legally make last minute business decisions based on the reaction their competitor's policies get? You don't know the first thing about how businesses work, and you conveniently ignore that Yoshida also said, MANY times, that there was going to be NO DRM on the PS4. Guess what happened? There was no DRM on the PS4.

If you think Sony just kept it on the PS4 and quietly turned off at E3, you're an idiot. If that were the case, explain to everyone how there was no need for a day one patch that required you to be online in order for it work on the PS4? Explain why people could turn on their PS4, and use it immediately but couldn't with the Xbox One?

Do you even try to comprehend the logistical impossibility of what you're talking about? Of course not. You're an Xbox fanboy through and through, logic doesn't reach you.

darthv721384d ago

The biggest mistake of this generation was revealing resolutions to begin with.

Resolutions do not make games great.

Resolutions do not make games award winners.

Resolutions do not make games fun to play.

Story, game play, etc...those are what should be important.

Kayant1384d ago


"Get a life. This one obviously isn't working very well for you." - Truly showing what it means to be a true gamer ain't you.


Lmaooo.... pretty lame attempt at trolling.

"Do you want us to do that?" he asked.

No, I said. I think, if you buy something on a disc, that you have a kind of moral contract with the person you've bought it from that you retain some of that value and you can pass it on.

Do you agree, I asked?

"Yes. That's the general expectation by consumers," said Yoshida. "They purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that's my expectation."

So if someone buys a PlayStation 4 game, I asked, you're not going to stop them reselling it?

"Aaaah," was Yoshida's initial answer, but seemingly only because he'd forgotten his line. "So what was our official answer to our internal question?" he asked his Japanese PR advisor. The advisor stepped in but didn't seem to answer clearly, at least to my ears. Yoshida then took control again firmly:

"So, used games can play on PS4. How is that?"

Does the PlayStation 4 always need to be connected to the internet, I asked?

"You can play offline, but you may want to keep it connected," he suggested. "The system has the low-power mode - I don't know the official term - that the main system is shut down but the subsystem is awake. Downloading or updating or you can wake it up using either the tablet, smartphone or PS Vita."

Look at that. 21 Feb exactly one day after the PS4 reveal and 2 months before MS reveal the XB1/Drm policies.

AliTheSnake11384d ago

How do we know the PS4 version is not better ?
A lot of ignorance, Damn. It's not all about the Overall resolution. You still have the texture quality and the Anti-Aliasing and a bunch of other effects.

Assassingamer1361384d ago

@Baka did u not read what he wrote? The point is if the xbox one is achieving 900p/30fps then why must ps4 be held in the same position? Obviously its not a graphical issue as unity is hitting the same specs it did on black flag for the xbox one

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SonofGod1385d ago

There's one thing I find hilarious is that Ubisoft said that it's the consoles CPU that is holding back the performance and not the GPU.

And anyone who's not a complete retard knows that XO CPU is 10% faster than the PS4 CPU.

So how can the XO hold back the PS4 then?

mandf1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

What does that make you. When it comes to games the xbox one is hindered for games on the cpu side because of the os which makes the ps4 cpu more capable. Learn before you speak.

Kayant1385d ago

"And anyone who's not a complete retard knows that XO CPU is 10% faster than the PS4 CPU." - Says the person ignoring the fact Ubisoft has said they had no problems with the level of cpu performance on PS4 and that both have issues CPU wise.

That's without including the fact that the CPU has very little to do rendering a resolution in the first place especially when the game is CPU-bound. It's called a Video card for a reason. It's made to render pixels. Then there is the fact PS4 offer has had better framerates in majority of multiplats - this benchmark -

Dev on neogaf confirming it -

MultiConsoleGamer1385d ago

Wow, GamingBolt and NeoGAF. When it comes to credibility I put them right up there with N4G, GamePUR and DualShockers.

This debate is really popcorn worthy.

MysticStrummer1385d ago

"anyone who's not a complete retard knows that XO CPU is 10% faster than the PS4 CPU."

And yet...

Is it possible that clock speed doesn't tell the whole story?

Yes. it is.

ziggurcat1385d ago


"So how can the XO hold back the PS4 then?"

uh... because it wasn't the PS4 version of the last AC game that had the lower resolution... ? ever consider that fact?

headblackman1385d ago

anyone who likes to hate on the xbox one don't wanna see,hear, or believe that. all they still here is gddr5 which has nothing to do with ubisoft's issue with the console. and as for the xbox one, the cpu is slightly better and will get loads better when the workload is spread out evenly with dx12

mid to late 2015 can't get here fast enough ;)

mochachino1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I thought the PS4 performed better on CPU tests despite xone having a slightly higher clock frequency. Also, I thought xone CPU was upclocked to account for the greater OS tasks. It is also a TV box and has separate OS running simultaneously unless I've been misinformed.

And doesn't the PS4 have a second, albeit very weak, processor for game recording and other light functions too.

The PS4 could have more CPU resources for games than xone, and CPU tests support that.

Again, until a dev outright says xone/ps4 CPU provides more for games than the other we won't know. Ubisoft certainly didn't say anything to that effect.

CryofSilence1385d ago

Mochachino, you are correct on every front there.

starchild1385d ago

In order for there to be any kind of objective benchmarking of the CPUs in both consoles they would need to be run through many different benchmarks the way PC processors are when they are benchmarked. You can't set up one very particular kind of benchmark and proclaim a winner off of that. Different processors and memory configurations will benchmark differently depending on the particular strengths and weaknesses of those configurations.

In any case, they are certainly fairly close and if the CPU is the limiting factor in Unity then it would make perfect sense for them to run at the same framerate.

As for why they run at the same resolution, well it could be that the PS4 didn't quite have the performance necessary to run everything they wanted in the game at 1080p resolution so they dropped down to the next common 16x9 resolution which is 900p.

Then it might be the case that the XB1 is missing some graphical features that the PS4 version has and that is why it too can run at 900p.

This is entirely plausible and likely the case. Please, people, don't jump to conclusions. At least wait until we know more about the differences (or lack thereof) between both versions.

internationterrorist1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

This is the xbonefanboys dream come true they want every game to play in parity. They are as happy as a pig in sh#t.

[email protected] has been talking about the x1 CPU speed all day. Be fails to understand that the PS4 CPU has been benchmark faster than X1 CPU. Why because x1 has 3 OS. So that 10% CPU up clocked is still not enough to out preform the PS4 CPU.


PS4's CPU Is More Powerful Than Xbox One's CPU, According To Benchmark Test


Oh, the Xbox fanboys won't like this tidbit one bit... not one bit at all. However, the bits and bytes are what matter most in benchmarks and how well specific hardware components can crunch those bits and bytes. It turns out that in a benchmark test for size allocation and compression, the PS4's CPU is faster than the Xbox One. 

Gaming Bolt rolled out the news a short while ago, noting that Allegorithmic's Substance Engine was the software core of the benchmark, allowing them to test the CPU processing and data management speeds and as the chart showcases below... the numbers don't lie. 

According to Gaming Bolt, the PS4's CPU can process or generate textures at 14 megabytes per second. The Xbox One's CPU can do 12 megabytes per second and, just for reference, the Intel i7 can do 26 megabytes per second.

rainslacker1384d ago

And anyone who actually knows the most basic of principals of graphics cards knows that resolution is in no way tied to the CPU, or at least the CPU speed is extremely cursory to the resolution. The memory bus and GPU processing power is much more important, and the PS4 is faster in both these departments by much more than 10%.

So the CPU being faster is irrelevant to resolution, but may be relevant to frame rate depending on how the game loop is designed.

Oner1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

ANYONE who understands tech architecture & how hardware components actually work will always choose bigger throughput over slightly faster Clock Speed ~ and that's what it boils down to...A few measly MHz! That is NOT a real world advantage! There is no way possible that a larger throughput would be outclassed by a low % increase in Clock Speed. It's physically impossible.

The only additional comment I would like to add on this topic is that you can really see who has principles and who doesn't in situations like these going by peoples misinformed comments and biased's extremely clear to see what console gamers have a higher percentage of blinders on and which don't when it comes to facts.

BG115791384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

@SonofGod, Imagine that it is true, that the CPU of the Xbone is more powerful than the PS4's CPU. From that perspective and taking account what PR spokesman from Ubi said, it would mean that the console that is suffering from this parity situation is the Xbone.
If it is so why are you and all the xbone's fans not complaining about this situation? Don't you guys want a better version, with a higher resolution and the better gameplay experience? After all 10% faster CPU, right.
If you guys are so certain of this CPU superiority, shouldn't you be united with the PS4's fans complaining against this parity?

Common, join the protest.
Parity isn't good for any gamer.

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filipakos1385d ago

what you are saying is "I bought a 2000$ pc but i like to play games at 900p 30fps locked because of reasons".You dont buy something like a console or pc and not use its full potential.Its just wrong in many ways and what ubisoft did is a slap on the face to us gamers.Parity?Whats next?make pc games run the same as consoles so they wont call us peasants anymore?Are they trying to defend us or make us hate them?

Kakashi Hatake1385d ago

Why is it that it's just an issue if Playstation has the upper hand on mutiplats? Xbox had the upper hand 2 gens in a row, now you guys want everything even. I don't see Nintendo fans saying it's a "controversy" if they get a worse multiplat. There is no scandal or controversy, Xbox One is just weaker, it's time people accept it already.

Muzikguy1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

If the consoles were the same what would be the point of having more than one on the market? It would have to solely lie on the exclusives then. I have a feeling these articles are going to litter N4G for the rest of the week. This whole parity thing is going to give Ubisoft a worse name than the WD downgrade (that didn't happen <rollseyes>) did.

I agree +1

RosweeSon1384d ago

Watch dogs (meh!) rayman wii u take your pick but yeah they are doing themselves no favours at all with this one, never mind there's no Ubisoft related on my schedule this christmas, maybe last year's black flag if I get really bored

candoa1385d ago

Do you really think 8gb of ram and same cpu architect in pure coincidence? ms and sony both talk about next gen hardware a price.

ITPython1385d ago

Assassins Creed Parity needs to be stopped, I hope this blows up in Ubisoft's face and more and more of the gaming media picks up on it. This needs to be exposed as much as possible, and Ubisoft needs to know gamers are sick and tired of one console being held back because the other console isn't as powerful.

This happened all last gen with the PS3 and I for one am sick and tired of it, especially since the PS4 is not only more powerful, but also easier to develop for. Devs have absolutely NO excuse for parity this gen other than MS bribing them with huge amounts of cash to gimp the PS4 version.


Muzikguy1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I agree. During PS1, PS2, and PS3 days Sony had TONS of bad ports and poorly optimized games. This is the first gen where they're literally on top and they're still getting shafted. I didn't complain about the games back then, but now it's just ridiculous. Xbox had the better running games for multiple generations, there's no reason it should be different now that Sony is ahead of the pack. Suck it up MS.. We had to deal with it for 20 years

quaneylfc1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Take the word gate off that comment this instant, you pretentious prick.

Borma1385d ago

Sorry for going OT, but how about we go back to a 2 console generation? Nintendo/Sony for consoles and MS for PC. Or any other variation there. Things were so much better back in the day. 2 systems with lots of different games on each system. Now it's 3 system's with 2 of those having 90% of the same games on each console. Doesn't make much sense to me IMO.

Blaze9291385d ago

I don't get why people are blaming Microsoft for this. What do they have to do with Ubisoft's laziness? Does MS make any other game have resolution parity? No.

scoobs1385d ago

that is called collusion, and is illegal.

RedstonerMC1385d ago

The fact that they don't do that is what keeps the industry from becoming a monopoly and keeps the consoles afloat. Competition drives this industry so one console being better is a good thing. Ubisoft being microsoft's little slut and bending over whenever they tell them to on the other hand is not and it's not good for us gamers either.

zero_gamer1385d ago

This can become a problem of this generation. If UbiSoft is getting away with this for their next big hit, they will continue the trend with their future games lineup for the entire remainder of this generation. Not only that, but other major publishers might take a page out of UbiSoft's book. Perhaps MS is pushing agreements with third party publishers to develop cross-platform titles under console parity conditions, UbiSoft being the first to fall for MS's amazingly charming seductive power.

DualWielding1384d ago

that would actually be illegal (cartel behavior)

gamer78041384d ago

Sorry this site has consolers and not gamers as the majority. Its how the majority self-validates. Maybe one day we can talk more about playing games.

RosweeSon1384d ago

Uh no thanks, that's what separates the good consoles from the bad, the wheat from the chaff. Your basically saying your would rather one company hold their product back for the sake of another company and that's never gonna happen and of they are both technically the same there's no need for both of them, difference is what makes us all unique, this is all in the developers court im sorry but it is, EA had the same launch era period problems on the PS3 I remember madden couldn't achieve more than 30fps on PS3 was that due to the consoles power?! Not at all it was because typical EA wanted there yearly iteration out without fail and wouldn't spend the extra time and resources to the make the game the best experience it could have been funnily enough the following year all was on the up but these differences in resolution while partly due to the consoles is mainly down to the developers, this is next gen and we should be pushing for bigger and better new experiences not just a new sequel to last year's game that isn't even 1080p when PS3/xbox 360 have been doing 1080 for years. I just can't wait for the ps4 exclusives to start turning up, even uncharted 2 which im currently playing looks epic compared to some of this Next Gen guff, bring on the proper next gen titles not just all these ports and yearly franchises that are all multiplatform so therefor all held back by other consoles, poor!

mcarsehat1384d ago

It's because nerds argue about consoles, someone finds it annoying, tells nerds that a team has done something so the console arguments could stop for at least one game and the nerds start the argument with him.

BallsEye1384d ago

Blows my mind how people can be stupid enough to believe ps4 is some kind of wonder machine that is capable of outputting some super resolutions in trillions of fps. Was KZ multiplayer resolution almost at 720p a parity issue? Is current driveclub problems also xbox one parity ???

straight from sony's neogaf.

You people make fools out of yourselves. There is no +50% more power. Deal with it and stop making completely retarded articles.

Ps4marksthespotnotX1384d ago

ballseye I don't know if ps4 is a wonder machine but I do know it's more powerful than xbone so deal with it loser.

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-Foxtrot1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

The thing is it looks like they have done this to please Microsoft so another big hit title doesn't look or appear better on a rival console.

The biggest problem with this decision is that Ubisoft has basically taken all the hate, anger and disappointment that's usually directed at MS over it's lower resolution or frames per second and they have directed it at themselves instead. It's like they didn't think the whole thing out at all. Microsoft are probably looking at Ubisoft as massive suckers..."thanks for the free pass guys"

tylercolp1385d ago

This is a good point. They're becoming the target here. Although, with that statement, they were calling for it.

gameon19851385d ago

Did you read the article? because if you did you would see where they clearly said that it was a CPU problem and not a GPU problem

"We decided to lock them at the same specs to avoid all the debates and stuff," senior producer Vincent Pontbriand told while explaining that it's the consoles' CPUs – not the GPU – that prevents Ubisoft Montreal from improving the game's performance.

"Technically we're CPU-bound," he said. "The GPUs are really powerful, obviously the graphics look pretty good, but it's the CPU [that] has to process the AI, the number of NPCs we have on screen, all these systems running in parallel

UM, now which console has the weakest CPU? Oh that's right PS4. So that whole #no parity bs that you Sony fans started will comeback in blow up in your faces.

gangsta_red1385d ago

You have to realize gameon1985 that if a multiplat game on a PS console doesn't physically beat up the X1 counterpart that it MUST mean either "parity" or "don't make MS mad".

It's FF 13 all over again as the many known suspects come flying out and claim its all to appease MS.

I have to ask...again, if Sony is on top and dominating the console market...why would you appease MS?

the_dark_one1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

when will you xboys learn that ps4 cpu isnt weaker than xbox one?
oh thats right! never, cause you so damn blind

jhoward5851385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Great post. I think the reason for the resolution drop on both(x1/ps4) gaming consoles was to insure everything works well with any hiccup in the multiplayer environments.

The amounts of NPC in Assassin's Creed: Unity has to be in sync with all players. This sounds like a bandwidth synchronization problem. Perhaps the CPU isn't strong enough to keep up on all sides of the server.

Kayant1385d ago

"UM, now which console has the weakest CPU? Oh that's right PS4" - Which is why it offer has the worst performing version framerate wise right... The GPU is clocked higher on XB1 also yet it's 40% weaker. Clock speed means little sometimes.

And if it's CPU-bound it means they should be able to push GPU based tasks more like you know rendering pixels like a GPU is made t