PlayStation Store Preview - October 7, 2014 DriveClub

PSLS: This week’s PSN Store Update:

The first rule about Driveclub, is that you have to always talk about Driveclub. Or something like that. This week is absolutely jam-packed with major releases like Alien Isolation, NBA 2K15, and the PS4 exclusive Driveclub.

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JonnyBigBoss1326d ago

Riiiiiddgeee DRIVECLUB. It's Driveclub.

Crazyglues1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Man, this is why I wish the PSN store would just update on Monday Night @ 12:00pm EST

so when you wake up in the morning you can start downloading...

Instead of having to wait all day until about 6:30 - 7pm for the dam store to finally update. that sucks..

That said, I Can't wait to start playing DriveClub...

||.........___||............ ||

Jaqen_Hghar1325d ago

that would also disperse the traffic throughout the day as Western states wouldn't be up yet and the hours for downloading would be more spread out

ftwrthtx1326d ago

Can't wait to try out Driveclub

GreenUp1326d ago

Can't wait to read all the comments of disappointed people that tried driveclub. Let alone the ones who bought it. I can see it now. "Everyone is ramming into everyone." "I just sit back at the first turn and let every smash into each other while I pass them."

FullmetalRoyale1326d ago

I pity you if you are looking forward to seeing another person miserable.

OT: I have Driveclub downloading as I type this. The fall onslaught has begun!

bsquwhere1325d ago

That games so realistic that when you drive over a bridge trolls pop out. Hey there's one now..... Idiot.

Muzikguy1325d ago

Is that supposed to be a jab at bad AI?! Lmao... I'll be running into people don't worry! I'll be admiring the scenery :) Maybe take my camera along for the ride (or just use the "share" button).

Haha!! +1 that's funny

dRanzer1325d ago

driveclub free ps+ out tonight or what?

FullmetalRoyale1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

It is not. Likely it will be available at the normal time they update the store where you live. The preload and all of that is only applicable to those who have purchased it via ps store.

You'll still have it tomorrow though!

Edit: No problem at all, friend! Sorry it wasn't better news.

GamingSinceThe80s1325d ago

No,they have to get all the early money they can from the people that won't wait a few hours to find out if it great,good,or garbage.I'm hoping for the best but I'm trying it first.This game could go ether way with it's delays and the director leaving many months ago to be with his sick kid.

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The story is too old to be commented.