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Neil writes "Ever since the original Alien, videogame developers have tried to bring us a game that recreates the tension, the horror and the suspense of Ridleys classic....and for all their efforts, they've pretty much failed. Until now?"

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DougLord1409d ago

These reviews get younger and younger and have no concept of what it was like to play some of the really great games of the past. If A:I is just a 4/5 then is no where close to the best Alien game made. That would be AvP for the Jaguar.

Seriously you can't be in this business if you didn't start playing games on a IIGS.

TenBensons1409d ago

I played AVP for Jaguar and it blew my mind back in the day, mainly due to its gfx (it was a doom 'clone' after all) but games have moved on and so have the standards. There will never be a "best" game of any kind because the industry moves forward and what was once regarded as the 'best' or cutting edge will be overshadowed by new and, for the most part, better things.