How to Work Around Destiny’s Worst Flaw, Finding a Fireteam for Raids and Heroics Easily

Destiny's worst flaw is that it's a game with strong social requirement with nearly no social support features, but luckily when a developer blunders, gamers are quick to take matters in their hands.

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MajorGecko1323d ago

bungie needs voice chat or im gunna stop playing this forever when gta comes out im missing out on story cos i feel its being ruined by no interaction during co op. (destiny loner)

stavrami-mk21323d ago

There is voice chat me and my mate speak all the time?

ScottyHoss1323d ago

He means non-fireteam man, which is a feature they're adding.

Baka-akaB1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I feel for you . I solely play with friends and party chat . But it should be an opinion available in an easier way for everybody

KwietStorm1323d ago

Well they at least said it's coming. They're implementing some kind of opt-in for people who want to use voice chat, with their reasoning being protecting us from abuse. I can understand the motivation, but completely not giving us that option from jump is just silly. We all know there are assholes on the internet, but muting *everyone* is not the answer.

ScottyHoss1323d ago

I remember the screaming kids and crying babies, it was awful!.. Then I went to the scoreboard, saw who was speaking that was so annoying and pressed mute. That easy. -_- I don't see why they took it out in the first place man when they could simply put in a pre-mute option

pkb791323d ago

It just seems that Bungie assumed they where going to have a really nasty fan base and took extreme precautions. And they are probably not wrong.
This game probably has the worst kind of mmo pve elitists and pvp FPS elitist. That been said I'm sure there are some great ppl too.
But honesty I don't see this game holding my interest much longer at all. I got a good amount of play time out of it but would rather have the $80 Canadian back in my pocket.

joab7771323d ago

There needs to be at least a chat box. I played ff14 with almost no voice interaction except during raids. A chat box worked fine.

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stavrami-mk21323d ago

Same problem I'm having . Finding clans and that is no easy task anyone want to raid add me,psn stavrami

joab7771323d ago

They should at least create a forum or in game site to meet up somewhere, etc. You go to the tower and u have to load and message each individual player...and for some reason now my PS4 is as slow as my ps3 sending messages.

TekKing1323d ago

I stopped reading at "Bungie maintains that Destiny isn’t a MMO, but yeah, it is a MMO."

However, I felt I was too harsh and continued reading.

I then came across the part that said "The first thing you need to do, if you still didn’t, is to make a Reddit account" and instantly deleted everything related to that site off of my computer.

TL;DR Version: Go to for better matchmaking as it's up to date, organized, and the requests last for 1 hour before being deleted.

joab7771323d ago

I swear I've read articles on many occasions in which Destiny speaks about it being an mmo. I dunno.

Unless they treat it as an mmo, they will fail. If they do, it could be amazing. All depends upon constant unique content like VoG.

Bluebird81323d ago

I simply added people from my clan and my freinds friends. Now i have 20+ active players and all of them have their own friends, getting a group is simple for me. I think matchmaking for the raid would be horrible, especially without voice. With my group we finish in less than 2 hours, but the first time it took 8-10..

Skizelli1323d ago

I really want to like Destiny, but the end-game is horrible. The whole game is a mess, really.

- The loot system is really lacking.
- The "story" is really lacking.
- Communication is non-existent.
- Missions have zero variation.
- Only one raid dungeon post launch.
- Imbalanced weapons in PvP.

I can go on, but that's the gist. The game reminds me of PSO in a lot of ways, but it's missing all the things that gave PSO its longevity. That being said, I do hope the game gets better over time. I'm sure it will come at a price though. :\

bjmartynhak1323d ago

Unfortunately you are right

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